Profitable trading strategy - whether it is possible to make money on the stock exchange?

the internet now you can find a lot of information about how to make money on the stock exchange.Sites of trading are proof of this.After reading some articles about Forex and binary options it can give the impression that it is not difficult.We just need to learn how to find specific patterns on the charts and draw Fibonacci markup.But all is not so simple.In other areas, in order to become a good specialist and earn a lot, you should get a good education and gain experience, and why, in the field of all the stock should it be otherwise?Who would want to work if you can get money only looking at the graph?It happens only in advertising.And it caught simpletons Forex dealers.

In the forex market should be actively traded, as there is no clear trend, such as the stock market.And with the huge shoulder dealer you will quickly lose.This casino, but under a different name.If you want to bring to you the stock market income - forget about binary options and forex.There are other more reliable the scope of the financial market.

Remember, the market knowledge and experience are important, because you have to compete with professionals.The investment banks and hedge funds have teams of quantitative traders.These are people with good mathematical or technical education.And they're not looking at graphics, and design models, based on mathematics and statistics, and create trading strategies.In such a large organization is rarely traded "by hand", basically create trading robots using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Trading Strategy is created in three stages.The first step is to learn how to find the place where the market is wrong to value assets because over time the price will return to normal, and this can be earn.At the second stage, the strategy is tested on historical data.This is an important process that is the main thing - to prevent overfitting for data, because in this case the strategy will produce incorrect results.The third stage - implementation of the algorithm.Trading strategy can be practiced hands, but it is better to write a trading robot.During stressful situations, people sometimes make very rash acts.The robot does not feel human emotions, which can seriously impair trade, he only consistently fulfilling its algorithm.

Now there is a huge number of platforms on which to conduct development and testing trading strategies often these platforms are integrated into the terminals and allow trading of the exchange to create the robot will not go beyond a single program.And these development tools every day there are more.

For those who have sufficient programming skills, create a huge library of development tools with C ++ and Python.Many of the "rays" is used in its investigation of the statistical package R, Matlab.

more information about creating profitable trading strategies can be found on the website, which focuses on a quantitative model of the stock market.It also dealt with the theme exchange platform, automated trading systems to run on the currency and stock markets and futures and options markets.

In exchange there is an opportunity to make money.Do not waste your time on a pseudo-theory, and develop the ability to search for patterns of price movement, conduct accurate testing and increase programming experience that will help when writing a robot, and you can make good money on the stock exchange.