The Vietnam War

in 1979 between Vietnam and China there was a conflict.The Vietnam War began on 17 February, when the Chinese People's Liberation Army invaded the northern provinces of the enemy.

What caused the conflict?

China was not interested in that near its border is a strong state.In addition, Vietnam has collaborated with the Soviet Union, with which China was in strained relations.Certain factors in the growth of the conflict were the events of 1975 in Cambodia.Then came to power "Khmer Rouge", led by Pol Pot.Their only foreign ally is China.They began to organize in Vietnam border provocation.As a result, Vietnam concluded a treaty with the Soviet Union on cooperation and friendship, and began an intervention in Cambodia, which resulted in Pol Pot was overthrown and came to power, Heng Samrin, ready to work with Vietnam.

China was concerned that, as the growing influence of neighboring countries, aimed at the Soviet Union.It was one of the main reasons because of which started the Vietnam War.In 1978, between Vietnam and the USSR was signed several agreements on which the Russian received the right to establish military air and naval bases in the country.As a result, the gain of the State of Vietnam have raised a number of claims on the Vietnamese-Chinese border (in particular - claim on the delimitation of the Gulf of Tonkin).

Vietnam occupied the island, and some Chinese territorial claims filed on others.In violation of the agreements reached Vietnam launched a campaign to "oust" the Chinese to Vietnamese territory.As a result, the last had to flee to other neighboring countries.

in Cambodia were introduced Vietnamese troops to overthrow the government "Khmer Rouge."On the border with China we are constantly taking place provocations from Vietnam.

Then, in February 1979, the Chinese Foreign Ministry demanded an end to provocations, but it was ignored.Since December 1978 in China were put on high alert military districts, bordering Mongolia and the USSR.


At 4 02/17/1979 Chinese troops began an offensive launched Sino-Vietnamese War.Chinese troops included 44 divisions, the total number of 600 thousand people.However, they invaded Vietnam, only 250 thousand people.The Vietnam People's Army (VNA) opposed them 100 thousand.

Vietnam War took place on several fronts.The main of them - kaobanskoe, laokayskoe and langshonskoe.Within 3 days of Chinese troops seized the provincial center of Lao Cai and advanced on Vietnamese territory to 15 kilometers inland.Subsequently, the rate of invasion significantly decreased.Only the heavy losses was captured by Cao Bang provincial capital.The Vietnam War lasted, March 4, was captured by the Lang Son.As a result, the territory of Vietnam had declared a general mobilization.However, on 5 March, China announced the withdrawal of its troops, which occurred on March 16.

outcome of the war

Losses parties were about 20 thousand people.The victory claimed both opponents.Vietnam was guided in their submissions that caused heavy casualties, and successfully repelled the aggression of China.The second side indicated that achieved partial success of his campaign, namely in a short time seized a large area of ​​Vietnam, inflicted heavy casualties and major economic damage.

Vietnam War revealed the backwardness of Chinese forces, weak command staff training, lack of modern weapons, the low mobility of parts, as well as some of the shortcomings of the BHA - inept command and a weak defense of the most important areas.