1C: Salary and Personnel Administration - that is necessary for any successful company.

As you know, the products from the company "1C" is widespread in our country and won the hearts of its users.This production includes a huge variety of different programs, but one of the most frequently used was the program "1C: Salary and Personnel Management", which is more commonly known as "1C: Salary and Personnel."

If you decide to buy 1c personnel management for your organization, you can be sure - you can not lose.This software is an affordable, efficient, easily configurable system designed to automate the workflow of various organizations and businesses.This solution will help you to easily calculate the salary of your employees, make an inventory of personnel, as well as to productive management employees of the organization as a whole.

Jobs 1c salary will be equally successful as accountants, who are counting salaries, and employees across the organization and personnel departments, which are responsible for the selection and employment of staff.

main tasks performed by the program.

decision 1c January 8 Payroll created to automate the work of the organization, and therefore the implementation of a number of related functions, including:

- payroll employees of the organization;

- analysis of the needs of the organization in the frames;

- search for employees;

- the creation of material motivation of employees of the organization and its subsequent management;

- accounting staff and its analysis;

- a plan for the employment of workers of the organization;

- assessment of competence of employees, sending them for training, conducting appraisals;

- carrying out all the necessary deductions of taxes and government fees;

- a more automated workflow mode;

- implementation of monetary settlements with the employees of the organization, including the deposit.

1C Payroll enables you to perform all design work within a single information field at the same time by a number of organizations, among which may also be submitted separate legal entities or individual entrepreneurs.

In this software you will be able to produce two main types of account:

- management - across the enterprise;

- regulated - within each organization individually.

Work in 1C: Payroll.

To learn how to use this software from the company "1C" you do not have to be recorded on special courses to train and spend the extra time and money.Included with the program provided a detailed tutorial that will help you easily master the basics of the program as soon as possible.

1C personnel management - a solution that would be a bargain for any organization regardless of its size and number of employees.It makes your work more enjoyable and less problematic.The proposed program for automation of the staff of the enterprise will allow several times to improve productivity and make it much more productive.1C: personnel management would be the best and most reliable assistant head of the organization.

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