Software solution "1C: Payroll" - the perfect assistant in the enterprise.

Most modern organizations are created in such a way that for their successful activities required to automate the workflow approaches.For this reason, extremely durable computer technology in recent years have settled in this area and is one of the most effective means of achieving the goals set by the organization.

One of these technologies has become common computer software from the manufacturer "1C", and in particular 1C Payroll 2011. This program enables conversion of the workflow of any organization in a more efficient and automated.The solution helps to more efficiently manage the personnel structure of the enterprise, its accounting and other relevant departments.

Key features

The program 1C Accounting Payroll organization has the opportunity to lead two main types of statements:

- regulated, which is distributed to each individual company that is part of the enterprise;

- management, which applies to all enterprises as a whole.

program staff and 1c HR management set up in such a way that its functional features will benefit everyone in the organization, regardless of their position:

- human resources practitioners have access to a software, which will greatly simplify their decision of routine problemssuch as surveys or polls, and post-processing of results;

- management of the organization will be able to fully control all the processes in the organization, to regulate them on your own, as well as to make important management decisions concerning the reporting staff of the organization, staff wages, etc .;

- employees of the company have the opportunity to design certificates, vacations and contributions to the pension fund as soon as possible.

software solution 1C February 8th salary will help you make your organization's interaction with the tax authorities and the Pension Fund less difficult process.

program is based on one of today's most powerful platform, which was called "1C: Enterprise 8".This platform provides the software solution a high level of flexibility, stability and the possibility of making any necessary adjustments, performance, scalability and usability of its application modules.

Why program so easy to use?

1C personnel assessment 8 has its two main versions:

- the professional version (TRAC);

- the base version.

basic version differs from the professional software more concise set of functions.In addition, it is designed to operate only one user.

For the convenience of the program 1C: Payroll has been designed so that it can successfully interact with other software distribution solution from the manufacturer "1C" - the program "1C: Accounting 8".

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