Software products "1C" - the best assistant in the enterprise.

Among the many software solutions from the manufacturer "1C" the most widespread program 1C: Enterprise 8. This software is widely used in enterprises of different scale and scope.Implementation of 1C Enterprise 8 will allow the organization to make their business processes more automated and thus lead to its development and competitiveness in the market.

The program 1C automation carried out comprehensively, that is affecting all spheres of the organization.This is ensured by the fact that the software solution includes in its membership a powerful platform and add-on modules, which are developed based on it.The program is designed in such a way that the holding of automation is possible not only within the various organizations, but also for individuals.

platform on which to create the program 1C Enterprise 8, is not in itself considered a software product that users can use.That is what makes it possible in a single technological platform to automate the maximum number of activities of the organization.

Where can this program be used?

Implementation 1c SCP to the organization is characterized by flexibility.This flexibility provides sufficient functionality of the program, so it can be used in various fields, among which the most popular are:

• automation of trade and production as well as financial and budgetary institutions and organizations involved in the service sector, etc.;

• Automation of various kinds of enterprises, including economic and organizational;

• keeping accounts and records with several accounts, as well as the design of regulatory reporting;

• carrying out theoretical studies on wages of staff;

• management of the staff of enterprises;

• a wide range of opportunities for management accounting;

• possibilities for conducting analytical reports concerning the activities of the organization;

• solving production problems in the area of ​​budgeting, planning and financing companies.

Features software 1C Enterprise 8.

software 1C Enterprise 8 is based on the technologically advanced and powerful platform, which was created based on many years of experience in the use of software solutions 1C: Enterprise 7.7.Unlike previous versions, Version 8 has a wider feature set.

1C Enterprise 8 has a regular system updates.This flow of services in the production of 1s allows its use in the most modern facilities.This program includes a number of modules, which allow to solve, as the standard tasks of the organization and its individual needs.All this allows the program to be useful not only for the leadership of the organization, but also for employees of various departments of the organization.

Wide range of products include 1c: manufacturing, services, accounting, personnel management, salary, etc.Any of these programs you can purchase the online store "Market 1s."If you have any questions concerning this software, you can turn to consultants to the store.