The urchins feed on in winter, and even something about the animals with spines

The hedgehogs eat?This question can be heard at a pet store or at the market, where they sell these amazing animals.Probably not a man who lived at least a few years, who has not heard about the hedgehog.Children know that the animal eats milk, apples, mushrooms and so on. N. There are hedgehogs who live at home at night and run around the room, banging his claws on the floor.And when it was frightened, it curls up into a ball and snorted, if it touch the stick or foot in the shoe.

toes or fingers touch the hedgehogs are not recommended, especially those living in the wild - in the garden, in the country, in a meadow or in the woods.Even hedgehogs live in the desert, and some even in the desert.Hedgehogs can live and next to the man.For example, we lived in the garden hedgehog with small ezhata four meters away from the house in the bush.I cleaned it the old bushes and accidentally found her nest, in which there were three small flat ezhonka pink with white soft needles.I showed them to everyone who was at home, then took a place in the slot.It was round, 20-25 cm in diameter, made of sticks, grass, leaves, pieces of plastic bags and newspapers.And the inside is lined with thin blades of grass, the old hair (probably a dog) and other "softness".

After an hour and a half (Internet worked fast) we already knew what to eat hedgehogs, where they live, how they behave, and who love them (there).As soon as dusk, hedgehog left on hunting.A dog that lived in the yard once came hedgehog raised barking and calling all to look at this thorny miracle.Later it turned out that the dog is not afraid of thorns ezhinyh.And late one evening we heard a sluggish polaivaniya, then there was a scream, like a kitten - a plaintive.

I thought our dog was attacked by a kitten and ran out of the house to rescue the baby.But it was a hedgehog, whose dog (very good Caucasian) bowled schebenchatoy paw on track and was surprised that the ball still beeping.Unfortunately the dog had to separate them - the dog in the booth, and the hedgehog on the porch under the light bulb in the inspection.It turned out, only nipping afraid, t. To. There was no external damage.It allowed on the track, and he smartly ran his business.

ezhata, which I found was old, no more than 2 days, the third day after the needles are usually darker.I feed them out of the hedgehog 2, 3 or 4 pairs of nipples.Papa hedgehog on ezhinomu custom, did not live with the family, but lived somewhere nearby.Hunting Grounds mother-hedgehog is from 6 to 10 hectares, and the Pope - in 2 times more.That is all the neighboring gardens, meadow and 2-3 hundred meters almost dry ditch.

Although hedgehogs are good swimmers, but to live in the marshes do not like - jump from hummock to hummock can, but do not want.They do not see, but the smell prey very far away and can catch up with her, running at speeds of up to 3 m / sec.Pope into its territory of foreign hedgehogs are not allowed to visit the neighbors do not go.Although it is said that hedgehogs go on a visit to the cubs and horse.But it is in the movies.And the urchins eat, to the movies, too, showed.

But in real life, they eat everything that comes on the hunt: adult beetles medvedok, lizards, mice, reptiles and amphibians of all kinds of small size.They can eat worms, caterpillars, slugs, eggs and chicks from nests located on the ground, and even poisonous snakes.Hedgehog feeding until late fall, accumulating fat for the winter, as a huge bear, and then hammered into the socket, wrapped in his bedding and sleep until spring.In winter, if the hedgehog woke up, he would almost certainly die.But this is an ordinary hedgehog.

Let's talk about another form of these animals.Sometimes even big-eared hedgehog.His ears - not like a hare, of course, but also large, up to 5 cm. And he less than half an ordinary hedgehog.Eared live in Asia and Africa.In the CIS - in the southern regions.Needles they grow only on the back.On the sides, legs, muzzle and abdomen - light soft wool.Eared hedgehog lives in the desert and semi-desert.Nora digs himself up to 1.5 m, or take abandoned.In winter, the fat accumulates and goes ezhinuyu "den".When danger or run away, or hisses and tries to prick needles to curl into a ball can not.It eats the same things feed on sea urchins ordinary - beetles, caterpillars, sometimes mice, snakes and lizards.Do not hesitate berries and fruits, but does not climb trees.