How to behave in conflict situations?

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conflict - something that can occur in family relationships and friendships, and in the workplace.The behavior of people in conflict situations, not only determines the outcome of the quarrel, but also relations.That is why it is very important to know how to resolve the various differences or, even better, be able to pass them.So how to behave in conflict situations, right?Learn!

What is conflict?

Types of disagreements and quarrels are varied, but they all have one point.

First of all, the conflict - a situation created to solve the contradiction between two people in the form of the activity of both parties is necessary in order to achieve justice.Avoid disputes is highly undesirable, since in most cases misunderstandings occur because of the emergence of understatement, and it does not benefit any of the parties to the conflict.Suppression of quarrels and disputes is dangerous because it can contribute to the adoption of hasty decisions.

Stages of conflict:

  • first stage - the stage of the formation of a potential conflicting values, interests, attitudes, norms of behavior.
  • second stage - at this stage the potential discord is transformed into a real conflict or participants aware of their true and false interests.
  • third stage - just a quarrel.
  • fourth phase - the removal or resolution of conflicts.

What are the main reasons for the differences?

conflict resolution based on an understanding of their causes.Often the cause of the dispute is the lack of understanding among people, as well as the presence of opposite interests and approaches to problem solving.Perhaps the reason for the differences is revenge, envy, resentment, or low culture of communication.The basis argument can lay such things as usual incompatibility of characters, or the inability to find a common language.The reasons could be the behavior of "problem" employees, or simple turmoil in the organization of work, such as rush jobs.

What are the differences between people are able to give rise to a conflict?

One of the leading causes of differences - differences between the disputing.Despite the fact that human beings are born equal in rights and free in dignity, often in reality it is more than unequal.Compatibility is influenced by many factors, such as different than your opponent, understanding the meaning of the job, the differences in the perception of the world, non-identity of interests, incompatibility of characters, dissimilar to the work and responsibilities and varying degrees of readiness to perform work and, most importantly, availabletheir methods of conflict resolution.

types of conflicts

Most classifications conflict divided into constructive and destructive.

for constructive conflict is a characteristic feature of encompassing the principal parties and the parties to the dispute the problems of life.Resolution of this type of disagreement quarrel takes participants on a new stage of development of the individual, whereas destructive disputes are often disappointing consequences.Devastating action in conflict situations such as bickering, gossip or other negative effects, in most cases, reduce the effectiveness of the group.

What types of conflict of personalities?

First of all, it should be noted that there are several classifications of the people involved in disputes.Type your personality will help determine the test.Behavior in conflict situations depends largely on this.Below is a list of possible lines of conduct.

pedant. This type of person is extremely precise: it is punctual, nerds, picky, though performer.His is alienate people.

demonstrative personality type. As a rule, these people - choleric.They are characterized by a constant flurry of activity that is conducted in a variety of ways.For the demonstrative type of personality conflicts are vital.These people love to be constantly on the mind and often have an inflated self-image.

contention-free. This personality type tend to consciously move away from conflict.In addition, he is able to shift the solution to the problems in the other.Often, unscrupulous.A conflict, in turn, is growing like a snowball, and dumping this type of person on the head, leaving unpleasant consequences.

Leech. This person you do not get nasty, nasty things will not tell, do not offend.However, after talking with him, and worsen mood and well-being, there is fatigue.

tap or rigid personality type. People who can not be reconstructed, or, in other words, do not take into account changing circumstances and situations, and to take the views and opinions of others.This type is able to be painful touchiness.They are ambitious and suspicious.

tank. This personality type characterized by qualities such as rudeness, the pressure and presumptuousness.Style of behavior: to go ahead until the end.These people, in most cases tend to despise all the subtleties of relationships, other people's opinions and feelings.

Vata. At first glance, this type of person the impression decent and obliging man.Often, it is agreeable and is ready to make concessions.At the beginning of communication is no problem.Later, however, you will notice that the promises of this type of person does not comply.

Prosecutor. person belonging to that type of personality, it is critical of specific people: neighbors, car owners, sellers and supervisors.After he tells you who and how to work, the arguments and will conclude it will certainly be easier.This type of person directs the desire to speak and be heard.

What will help end the controversy?

All types of conflicts can be resolved successfully if the following two circumstances.

The first factor: the participants quarrel understand their differences and recognize each other's right to their opinion.

second factor: both sides agree to abide by certain rules of the game.This makes communication between them more efficient.

Possible styles of behavior when dealing with the "bad" people

management behavior in conflict situations is important in order not to aggravate the quarrel.

One of the styles of behavior is to earn the love of the opponent and simply prevent conflict.

second style of communication - stress relief.You openly provoke?Take a deep breath in through your nose, type in the light of fresh air, imagine all the anger or irritation, which is in you, and breathe it all.This technique will allow you to control myself and not to act "on the emotions."

In order to make it easier to find common language with people who collect jokes, funny pictures and stories.When dealing with the "bad" person, they will assist you.

In addition, you can openly protest against rudeness.

If "harmful" people still messed you up, you just do not remember it.Or think of something good, or about who you unattractive.The choice is yours.

How to behave in conflict situations?

During an argument, each side can select one of three possible strategies: 1) all the means available at the moment, to win;2) escape from the scandal, did not join the opposition;3) conduct negotiations in order to overcome their differences by peaceful means or compromise.So how to behave in conflict situations?What strategy to choose?

evasion or avoiding quarrels

If you get in a conflict situation you should just ignore the opponent and not to succumb to provocations.This strategy of behavior are one: I do not care what decision will be taken and what actions will follow later.Naturally, you are showing that neglect, and to their own interests.


There are situations when you do not care to get out of the conflict, but it is important to defend their views.The tactic of "coercion" is to convince, force your opponent to agree with your point of view.This strategy is used when you think that your opinion - the most important and proper, and the opinion of others you absolutely indifferent.It forces people to do as you want and fully comply with your intentions.


used when we have a high interest in the opinions of others, and low in relation to his.You need to fully agree with the opinion of the opponent, while not expressing any of your desires and ideas.This tactic did not help to create conflict or solve it quickly.

Compromise strategy is used when you have an average interest in relation to the opinion of the reviewer and there is a desire to resolve the dispute or to avoid it altogether.The tactic is based on the fact that you and your opponent to give up part of their desire to resolve conflict in an effort to find a solution that will satisfy both.

This strategy is very effective, very useful, but its main disadvantage is that you must give up some part of their claims.The result is that conflict resolution does not bring suit all needs.


Outset that this is the most effective strategy of behavior.It is effective when you are having a high interest in view of the opponent, and to their interests.The strategy of "Cooperation" is to fully meet the interests of both parties.

Possible obstacles to the completion of disagreement

addition to the basic question of how to behave in conflict situations is also important to know what can prevent repay quarrel:

  1. If the parties to the dispute see a way out of the conflict exclusively in their victory.
  2. If the odds are the place to be emotional aspects that hinder the concession or compromise.
  3. If the parties to the conflict lack the skills to produce a compromise and negotiation.
  4. If the parties are using ineffective strategies in the management of the dispute.

What prevents conflict management?

  1. One or both parties wish to continue to quarrel.
  2. Parties to the conflict feel that their interests are mutually exclusive, because of what they perceive as a struggle dispute.
  3. emotional relationship between the disputing such that interact constructively, they can not.
  4. If the parties have different perceptions of the essence of an argument.This can occur if the original participants in a conflict situation the difference in values ​​or they have different interpretations of what is happening.
  5. fact that differences and disputes - is only the tip of the iceberg, and its resolution does not matter much.