Slavery in the United States: a thorny path to democracy

The history of mankind is replete with tragic and somber moments.On the way to progress and enlightenment almost all races have resorted to such a terrible form of social development, such as slavery.The United States, too, did not escape this dark phase in its eventful history.Since the founding of this country of slavery in the United States and became an integral part of normal American life.

In the United States was formed, perhaps, the strangest form of slavery in history.Formed in the bosom of American capitalism, slavery reflected its development in the agricultural sector of the young country.American planters because of extreme scarcity of labor market had to resort to the exploitation of black slaves.

use of slave labor has left an indelible imprint on the plantation bourgeoisie, making it perhaps the most bizarre and unusual class of slave-owners in the history of the planet.American plantation owners at the time - it's incredible and totally bizarre synthesis typically capitalist and slave-holding characteristics.

Slavery in the United States is a complex set of social, economic, civil and legal, ideological, racial, social and political problems, the roots of which lie in the depths of American history.The emergence of this form of social development is primarily due to the presence on the territory of North America, the vast land spaces, creating the most favorable conditions for the development of agriculture and its movement along the path of free enterprise.

No wonder it is formed all the prerequisites for the formation of a liberal form of slavery, as the patriarchal slavery, in which black slaves were considered to be family members disenfranchised white planters.This mainly concerns the northern states.In the south the situation was somewhat different.Here it flourished classical slavery.On the eve of the Civil War put an end to this form of social development, 89% of black slaves living in the South.

the last state to ratify the abolition of slavery, it became a southern state - Mississippi.Plantation slavery in the United States, being a commercially viable enterprise brings fabulous profits rising class of American capitalists, lasted nearly two and a half centuries and has caused sharp contradictions in economic and political spheres between North American and southern states.Slavery in the United States serve not only the purposes of enrichment and development of the agrarian economy, but also enhance the socio-political and social influence of large slave-owning planters.

It all started with the Dutch slave traders.Somewhat later, this is a profitable business and joined the British shipowners.The first Dutch ship with a "live commodity" landed on the coast of the North American continent in the late summer of 1619-year.He brought twenty black slaves who were bought instantly wealthy white colonists.From this point on in the port cities and towns began to appear regularly ads "live goods".Until finally, in 1863, the year has not been adopted by the declaration of independence, which, in particular, mentioned the inadmissibility of the use of slave labor.