The name Indira.

Indira - very beautiful and rare name in Russian.In the world as it is bound to its fame woman by the name of Gandhi, who played a crucial role in the political life of India.What is the name Indira, and what is its origin?


is no doubt that this name originally from India.However, specifically, it means that, scientists still can not be accurately set.According to one version, it goes back to the name of the god Indra.In this case, it should be translated as "Thunder" and "Lightning".According to the second hypothesis, Indira - the name, the origin of which is associated with the word "induced", meaning "moon."In this sense, it can be used as one of the names of the goddess Lakshmi.In the third case, it is interpreted as a "beauty".However, it is not clear why, in fact, this interpretation does not reflect any hypothesis and does not shed light on the origin of the names associated with the root "Ind."In any case, if you happen to be the owner of the name, you can choose the version of origin, which is closest to you and pretty.


To understand the meaning of the name Indira, you need to learn two key concepts: freedom and independence.These qualities are accompanied by a woman from childhood to death.She rarely listens to someone's advice and did not attach much importance instructions stranger.Therefore, you may experience some difficulties with her upbringing.Tells her something completely useless.It will be around to rely on their own intuition and personal experience.In short, the person bearing the name of Indira, prefers to learn from their mistakes rather than strangers.Parents make a lot of worried when the girl enters puberty.At this time, she developed a taste for adventure, and adventures.She begins to break in travel and look for thrills, not giving her parental attempts to anchoring the matter.Indira is peculiar to the indomitable spirit of research.But she would never allow a control against their own desires.For example, almost impossible to get Indira to study for the profession to which she had no interest.


Given the importance of Indira, we can confidently assert that the greatest success it achieved in politics and business.The power of persuasion, a penchant for adventures, lively approach, the nature of fire to help the girl get a result at the top of the career ladder.The main thing for it - do not sit still, do not change its nature, and then all her efforts will bear fruit.


fundamental Indira lead to the fact that the girl matures rather late for a serious relationship and marriage.At the same time, in a fit of passion, relying only on themselves, the bearer of the name can be foolhardy to marry at a very young age, but the inner maturing for family life comes after years.These circumstances can lead to the fact that in the biography of Indira fit at least one divorce before she will present a strong family.She appeared in her children a few soften the character, because the maternal instinct conceals other qualities that are typical of that name.She loves her children and protects.

ideal husband for Indira will be a bit older than her man, with a wealth of life experience and wisdom.This will allow him to put up with a fiery temper impulsive wife without feeling much discomfort from her emotional outburst.On the other hand, he can better than anyone else, to protect his wife and protect her from fatal errors.The strength of his intellect, insight and balance the logic of unbridled charisma Indira and allow them to create a full, strong union.If a woman's husband will be a man of her age or even younger than her years, that he did not have enough will power and authority to cope with the character of his wife.She would not reckon with him, and the marriage will crack quickly.The same applies to the situation in which the husband of Indira is a person who, though older than her age, but not exceeding spiritually and intellectually.He also will not be able to gain prestige in her eyes, and intimacy of the spouses have to forget forever.

Compatibility named "Indira" with other names

interesting to see, what the names of the most compatible Indira.The origin of the name it does not necessarily have to be an Indian.For example, with Indira perfectly combined Hebrew name Abraham or Avaz.Also good prospects looked through at Akim, Cyril, Sergei, Leonid and Gleb.

On the other hand, there are names that do not fit categorically Indira.If a person with one of them still held a strong, happy marriage with a woman, it is rather in spite of, not because of their compatibility.For precisely this kind are Adolf, Vyacheslav, Gregory, Eugene, Leo, Timur, Dmitry and Gevorg.From the less popular in Russia it can also be noted in August, David Makara, Merab, Ulmanasa and Camille.

Famous bearer Indira

At the beginning of the article already mentioned Indira Gandhi.She was the first Prime Minister of India from among the women and went down in history as an outstanding politician, who earned a good reputation.It started its activities in 1966, actively contributing to the economic development of the country.With it, for example, India started the first nuclear power plant.However, it has taken steps to reduce the population by means of forced sterilization program, which caused a wave of indignation and criticism in her address.There were also conflicts with the Sikhs.The result of all this was a series of attempts on her life, the last of which ended tragically.

Indira Varma - is another celebrity, famous the world over 40 films and television series.Currently resides in England, while playing the role of the best theaters in the UK, Ireland and America.