The main results of the Second World War

outbreak in 1939. The Second World War, has threatened not only the existence of democracy as such, and civilization in general.Today, largely overestimated the outcome of World War II, declassified and published new facts, allowing to re-evaluate past events.However, one thing remains unchanged - the world after the war has changed, and these changes are irreversible.

Results of the Second World War must be seen in different planes, as touched upon all aspects of society and the State.Huge casualties, unprecedented destruction, the horror experienced - the legacy left after the criminal acts of the Nazis.

The most important outcome of the military began the Second World War.First of all, the complete defeat and unconditional surrender of aggressive military bloc of Germany, Japan and Italy, whose governments did not hide their aspirations to divide the world, unify it and use the resources for their own purposes.Fascism, which propagated the occupied people, as an alternative to accepted democratic and communist way of life, was completely destroyed.To crumble the colonial system, which has become a stumbling block in the foreign policy of leading to war.During military operations it was valued professionalism of the Red Army, has developed and carried out successful strategic operations, select group of talented generals, the spirit of which was raised in a time of severe field conditions.As shown later studied results of the Second World War, a bloody massacre was attended by 72 countries.It was destroyed in 40 countries on three continents: Europe, Africa, Asia.

Nevertheless, the results of the Second World War were not only military in nature, as it turned out, the war stimulated the restructuring of global economic systems contributed to intensive care industries, is experiencing a deep pre-war crisis, prioritize power and aspirations of individual countries, has led tofollowed by the "cold war."Let us consider in detail the economic results of the Second World War.

During the period of hostilities in Europe gathered momentum the US industry.Lend-lease and other similar States provided an opportunity for the United States not only to fully pay off its foreign debt, but also to become the world's major creditor.After the war, were submitted to the draft programs to stimulate the economy of the participating countries, one of these programs was the Marshall Plan.On the one hand, it allows you to quickly pull the economy out of deep destruction of the country of the crisis, and on the other -ukreplyal the US dollar as the world currency.

were created the world's financial structures, one of which is the IMF, the European Payments Union, rebuilt exports of European countries, the main emphasis is on industry and manufactured its products.European countries have taken to implement the signed in late 1944, the Bretton Woods agreement.The agreement provides for the implementation of the program to create the global monetary system, which allows to carry out currency exchange and cash currency means equate the leading nations of the gold equivalent.This principle laid the foundations for a currency system which is used to this day all over the world.

rejected the proposed aid under the Marshall Plan, the Soviet Union condemned it, is regarded as a flagrant interference in the internal affairs of the country.Similar actions are carried out Eastern European countries.Resuscitation of the Soviet economy held its own, without outside help, making a bet on their own resources.In addition, the Soviet Union provided financial support to the countries of the European east, which established the communist regime.