Bathsheba meaning of the name and characteristics

Bathsheba - one of the most beautiful names that gave the world the Bible.According to the Old Testament narrative, it was the name of one of Israel's most beautiful women, the wife of King David.What is the name of the woman and that it brings to those named in her honor?

Legend of Beersheba

Generally speaking, Bathsheba was originally an ordinary woman, the wife of a soldier by the name of Uriah, the Hittite sort out what was happening.Uriah served in the Israeli army, where David, walking at night on the roof of his palace, accidentally saw Bathsheba as she bathed in a nearby pond.He was fascinated by her beauty and immediately ordered to bring her to the palace.So Bathsheba became the mistress of the emperor, which subsequently led to her pregnancy.Because she was married, and David could not marry her, he ordered the military commander under whom he served, Uriah, to put it in the most dangerous place in the ranks, where he, with high probability, at risk of dying.And when this happens, the king stressed that one should not try to save him.

order was executed, and Uriah was killed in the war, gave their lives fighting for their treacherous ruler.Bathsheba is not hated David for such a thing, and became his wife.However, the punishment of God is not long in coming - the prophet Samuel rebuked the mad king and urged him to repent.David imbued with the teachings of the Prophet and began to beg forgiveness for what he did wrong.The result of these labors was the famous penitential Psalm 50.

However, the child of Bathsheba David still died - that was the punishment of God.But the second son of the marriage has become famous for all ages.They became well-known King Solomon, whose reign was characterized by the exclusive world of wellbeing and prosperity of the state and the people.This is the biblical story about a woman named Bathsheba, whose name is so widely famous.Due to this, it is, inter alia, included in the pedigree Christ among four women specifically mentioned therein.

Bathsheba name value

What does this Semitic word, which, incidentally, is also called the area in the Middle East?The literal translation of the Hebrew language gives us the phrase "daughter of the oath."It sounds in Hebrew, by the way, a little differently.Namely, "Beth Sheba."But the Greek transliteration of the Hebrew greatly distorts the names, titles and place names, and the Russian Synodal Bible translation is not done without Greek influence, so in Russia this name better known in his Hellenized version.

The disadvantage is that it is difficult to reduce.Alternatively, you can use the name "Faith" or "Veer", which are consonant with the word "Bathsheba."Abbreviated name may also sound like a "Wii."But most of the parents are coming up with caressing and short forms, differing from each other, as in Russia this name is quite rare.


very important to know those who are called Bathsheba, the value of the name for their own personality traits.Firstly, it is an exaggerated attention to their appearance.The bearer of the name convinced that the beautiful names must comply with beautiful women, so try to always look perfect.It gives them a sense of confidence, psychological comfort, and the key to building relationships with others.The latter is especially characteristic, because its beauty Bathsheba can not only have to imagine, but retreating from unwanted people.

Personal relationships

Bathsheba - a name that makes its possessor sometimes forget that family life is difficult is compatible with preservation of the status of each other for all.Amorous woman with this name is manifested in the fact that it tries to relate and synthesize public relations, friendships and personal relationships.It is fraught with the fact that a high risk of losing both of them.It is not necessary to limit their romantic feelings and communication conventions and framework.Then harmony between friendship and love itself is formed.

worth noting the powerful sexuality, which is awarded by the nature of Beersheba.The value of the name, however, allows it, if necessary, so deep to hide their emotions, that in the external manifestations of which no trace remains.Bathsheba therefore easily survive the loneliness and abandonment.


What is the name of attitudes regarding Bathsheba?First, a woman with the same name wants to improve the world as much as possible.And in the most global.It will not be wasting time and attention to the little things of everyday life and nothing.This leads to the fact that sometimes Bathsheba many dreams, but very few do, neglecting the real possibility to do a little good deed.


Bathsheba, the value of the name itself, which imposes on it an indelible mark, even more suffering due to the fact that very few people can understand.Often, a woman with the same name have to complain that her brilliant ideas no one appreciated.On the other hand, optimism Beersheba enough not to get depressed over this and continue to save the world as far as possible.Often these opportunities involve sacrifice, which is an inherent quality in carriers of this name.As a result, they lose much of what they have or could have.

Beersheba persistence can bring success, sometimes even stunning in its effect, but most often it turns out to be useless victory.The fact that a woman divorced from the reality of this biblical name tends illusions about the fact that what the world needs most.Therefore, the fruits of its struggle often remain unclaimed, and its merits unrecognized.


about money Bathsheba cautious, which sometimes borders on skuperdyaystve.However, it so happens that she rushes to the other extreme, unrestrained spending money on insignificant things.