Subject Political Science

Politics has long existed as a separate body of knowledge about politics.But, despite this, for this term and not a single stuck a certain understanding.From the earliest days of occurrence of the subject Political Science supplements and refines.And continuously improve its methods.

main object of study - the political world.This is the opinion of most researchers.Subject of Political Science - is a set of concepts with which it describes the current political reality.However, as you know, the reality of this duality.On the one hand, the policy is a real relationship, practices concerning the control of power.On the other hand - this world is absolutely subjective judgments and intentions with respect to the human values ​​that influence decision-making.

That the subject of political science has different interpretations, due to the existence of valued forms of science.In the understanding of this issue directly affects the national characteristics of its development.

There are two conditional highlighting points of view on the subject of political science.Each of them has additional and more shades.

Supporters regulatory policies seek to create a universal science.They see it as an organization, the activities and the form of government or state, its relations with other states and the citizens from the point of order, justice and good.The subject of political science, in this case - the political institutions as a means of expression.This view is popular in Western Europe.It isolates of political science of constitutional law, hence the analogy with political institutions.

Proponents of the second view sees the object of political science in the system of relations concerning power.They believe this area of ​​life existing on their own, along with the economic, spiritual, social, and others. In this case, the policy - it is not only a set of institutions, and the institutions that give it shape and direct the action.It also includes all activities that relate to the relationship with the government.Such an interpretation is characteristic of political science in England and America.

At the end of the 20th century, the world has changed in ways that provoked the convergence of the two approaches.The old idea of ​​the functions of policies and factors were transformed in connection with the collapse of the communist system and the formation of a different order.In this situation, the best it will compound the comprehension of the theory of science and pragmatism.

discussion on the subject of political science leads to the following conclusions.Firstly, its boundaries are determined by the space object, which is formed and functioning public power.Second, the subject of political science depends on the political tradition.And third, it makes it an object representation of science, their logical structure, coherence, which express the basic categories of political science, that is the most common of its concepts.

Policy - is a kind of social reality, which develops in the course of the exchange of information between people.And also in the process of formation at them the same ideas about the role of government, its meaning and organization.The working definition of the subject matter of this science can be as follows: political science - the science that studies the device allocation and exercise of political power.All this is realized in the interaction of the individual with the state authorities and the society.The meaning of the various methods of communication is the adoption of such decisions of the political wing that address significant for all needs.