15 tips to help you lead your life in order

1. Mentally prepare yourself for the upcoming changes, imagining their ideal "I".

What do you most admire?How do you see your future?How do you want to be?Think of yourself as a person.

2. Get rid of the old pieces of paper!

Surely many of you have a house littered with different pieces of paper - all sorts of records, old recipes, misrouted, notes to himself.Get rid of it all.Destroy paper shredder, you'll get this order and security in your home.

3. Remember that unexpected events can be a boon.

once said the Dalai Lama: "Remember that failure to obtain what you get so thirsty, sometimes luck is a wonderful gift."

4. Ask people you admire how they became who we are right now.

Many of us in life there are people we admire.Understanding how they began their careers, how to overcome difficulties and how landscaped life, will help to achieve their own prosperity.

5. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes and other vices.

Perhaps they are right for you crutches, distorting the common view of the world.And the money saved by purchasing these harmful substances, can be used on something pleasant, such as travel.

6. Get rid of the negative elements of your life, whether they are people or work that you do not want to do.

If you have friends who are upset or suppress you, there is no need to maintain and continue the relationship only from a sense of duty.Tear such links and get rid of bad luck. 7. Start each day with a clean sheet, make a new list with a cup of morning coffee.

clear understanding of what you have to do for today, will help you stay on track. 8. Place in the house full order and get rid of all unnecessary things.

not only from old recipes, as mentioned earlier, but also from all of the trash that place on the sales, landfill, or that you can give to the poor. 9. Practice simple storage of personal information.

Creating a simple filing system of folders and labels - this is something that does not require the services of a personal secretary, and the ability to make your life a lot easier when you are looking for the right information.

10. purchasing the product for a week at the most convenient times.

Make a list, budget and buy only what you need to save time and money. 11. Take the test on professionalism, which will help identify your strengths.

If you have not developed a career, and you do not know where to start to get the ball rolling, this method will be very useful to identify your strengths and choose the right direction. 12. If you have problems, consult with professionals.

Many are struggling with the dead shadows of the past, or drag in serious emotional load that does not allow them to move forward.Work with this burden, get rid of it and move forward with the help of professionals. 13. Make audit and dispose of expired medicines and food.

When you start to do it, then the surprise can find anything from a 3-year-old bag of spices to 5-year-old aspirin. 14. Develop your own diet, with an emphasis on grains, vegetables and fruits.

Proper nutrition produces a stunning effect on the overall energy of the body. 15. Take your vitamins.

Vitamin supplements help to reduce the possibility of the development of many diseases, including cancer, and osteoporosis.

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