Araceae plants - the charm of a tropical forest in your home

Araceae plants are mostly grown in tropical zones in the rain forests.Some of their species are found in the subtropical and temperate zones.But the diversity of the family Araceae, numbering about 2,000 species, it is in the tropics.

Conventionally, these plants can be divided into three groups.Tuberous differ in that they have a period of rest.At this time, and wild and house plants shed their leaves.Hedge aroids have a good root system into hibernation may fall only under certain conditions.Vines need support, have aerial roots (except for the basic system).

Araceae plants share a common structure.Location Leaves alternate, petioles, usually long, their base is very tight to the stem, clasping him.Plants are mainly green.However, in some types of leaf color in different shades of superior beauty of the most vivid colors.

depending on the growing conditions in the wild and climatic conditions, aroids houseplants require appropriate care and at home.Those species that grow in the climates of the planet with a periodic fluctuation of precipitation, usually tuberous, but there are also bush.During the dry season, they fall into a kind of hibernation for 2-3 months.

At home cultivation of such plants aroids do not require copious irrigation.They need to move in a dark cool place for a rest period.These include such as arisaema, arum, arizarum, Caladium.Reproduction occurs as tubers and seeds.Some species arum have medicinal properties.Caladium have a very beautiful coloring of leaves, for which growers are very much appreciated.

Such Araceae plants like Anthurium, Monstera, philodendron, Syngonium are vines.The main their habitat in the wild - rain rainforest.The trunks of trees, they can rise to a height of 20 meters by means of adventitious roots.They are firmly fixed on the support, they trap moisture and plant remains.Aerial roots they descend to the forest floor, which reaches half a meter.From there comes more moisture and nutrients.Bush Araceae plants such as dieffenbachia, Alokaziya, spatifilumy and Aglaonema, grow in the muddy soil.Some of the species like vines have aerial roots.Under its weight, they can be bent to the ground, and out of the kidneys, located on the stem, young shoots begin to grow, forming a lush bush.

Depending on what kind of growing in the apartment, and need proper care.Generally Araceae - are rare plants.They require a large area for growing and high humidity.Moreover, placement of such plants depends on the color of the leaves.For color and bright colors require more light for green - more shade.These conditions can not always be created.The most common and unpretentious aroids houseplants - Syngonium, dieffenbachia, spatifilum.For small-sized apartments suit those varieties that have a small growth.In the offices of well-acclimatized and large-monstera dieffenbachia.