How old is the dog live?

every future owner of the four-legged asks the question: "How many years lived a dog?" And this is understandable, after all, getting a dog, we bring the house is not just an animal, but also a family member.

No dog handlers or veterinarians, or even experienced breeders can not say exactly how many years lived a dog.Of course, there is a certain arithmetic average based on several indicators.But we should not forget about the factors.

According to statistics, the average life expectancy of our smaller brethren is about twelve years.But this figure is very, very unstable, and it does not depend only on the characteristics of the breed, but also the place of residence, and whether hereditary diseases, and from feeding and water quality, and the quality of the food?and even climate.

course, breed features in this issue are put on top.In encyclopedias, for example, clearly states how many years of live dogs of various breeds.But this, again, average.Let us for example in the well-known German Shepherd.One owner, she dies of old age as early as 9 years old, the other - in 17 agree that a significant gap.So what's the deal?

Here and float factors listed above.The first dog lived in a major city, was fed, "as received", do not drink the tap water quality is very little moving and often sick.The second dog was living in the forest, drank only spring water fed natural food, a lot of walking, almost did not get hurt and stress.

Most purebred dogs, the same ones that we buy for good "ennye" amounts are hostages of excessive "love" hosts.Why is the word "love" in quotation marks?Yes, because we are only motivated by good intentions, we start grooming pet zakarmlivaya his buns, candy, sausage, grilled chickens and other inedible dog food.As a result, pupils appear problems such as obesity, low hemoglobin, zero immunity, kidney failure, disruption of the heart.And then - the clinic, treatment (or healing) operation ... And this is - a new burden on the liver and kidneys, and heart.And new stress - both psychological and physical.It turns out that the body is already having problems, is obliged to deal with the new.With some difficulty coping with existing workloads, it is forced to take another blow in the form of the same ultrasound, X-rays, chemical drugs.And here is another question becomes: "How many lives a dog, often ill?"

heal one another we shall cripple.Willy-nilly, of course, but still ...

Surprisingly, but in the meantime, how many years live thoroughbred dogs (or pets) and mongrels, there is a gap of several years.Dog home is less suited to a stressful environment.Dog pooch from the earliest days to fight for life.It operates a natural, natural selection.Mutts are generally hardier, more hardened, more active.And because they live longer.

noticed another, smaller dogs outlive their larger relatives.Suppose Bordeaux mastiff meted out to an average of 8 years, Chihuahua - 14. But this, again, average.

in your power to extend the life of your pet for several years.Make it a good, balanced diet, clean water, long walks, movement and love.True love is not fed with tasty morsels from "the master's table", and in affection, games, attention.