How a cat's teeth as they brush

Conscientious owners are trying to monitor the health of their pets.In cats, it is not only shiny fur and trimmed nails, and teeth.You do not know how many teeth a cat?Then you might want to read this article.

Initially, cats grow baby teeth.How a cat's teeth, which recently born?A total of 26, they are fully erupt when an animal about three to four weeks.Then there is a change of the root.Typically, this process is delayed for five or six months.With proper nutrition, change of milk teeth at the root pets is not particularly painful, it does not require medical care.However, watching the oral cats during this period will not be superfluous.And if you notice any deviations, be sure to contact your veterinarian.

How many teeth in a cat when she is an adult?More than milk kittens.The total number of molars in this animal - 30. But if you want to count the teeth of your pet, and they actually will be less than, it is not a reason for panic.For example, some pushistikov never grow cutters, while others

, lose their early.Incidentally, depending on the number of teeth in cats can be almost accurately and with extreme accuracy to determine their age.If the main reason teeth fell out, then find out how old the animal is more difficult.

The main dental diseases in cats are as follows: for example, if between the upper and lower incisors there is a gap greater than two millimeters, the vets call it a snack, or "pike jaw."And when the incisors protrude slightly forward with respect to the lower teeth, it has overshot.Such defects does not depend on conditions.They are most often inherited.

How much teeth in cats, also depends on its age.Over time, your teeth fall out and the animal is erased.Most of all it concerns the cutters who take most of the load in chewing.But indigenous and radicands teeth stored for more than two decades.But purebred cats lifetime is slightly less than the rest.Therefore, they have teeth fall out a bit earlier than the other fellow.

Always pay attention to the condition of the cat's teeth.After all, the molars and canines may tartar.It looks like a yellow circle next to the gums.A was caused due to bacteria and food debris.On the teeth appear yellow.It seems to be no big deal, but over time it can harden.This disease occurs only in domestic cats.Indeed, in the wild, they are much more active teeth.To reduce the risk of stone, you can clean your pet teeth.

Brushing teeth in cats also gets rid of bad breath.There are several ways to make this process.For example, you can take the red wine and soda.Apply a little wine on cotton wool, wipe the teeth, and then apply a soda.It quickly removes plaque.You can also take the children's toothbrush (always with a soft bristle brush) to clean the cat's mouth tooth powder.There are special brushes and toothpaste made specifically for these animals.There are even flavored fish paste.

Now you know how many teeth in cats, as well as how to care for them.Remember that a healthy mouth pet - a pledge of his good mood.