Where will host the Winter Olympics 2018?

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Olympic Games - not only a major sporting event, but also a huge cultural festival for millions of fans around the world.Significant popular competitions held both in summer and in winter.The last Games were held in 2014 in Russia, in Sochi, and smote their public grand scale.The next Winter Olympics - in 2018 - will be held in the city of Pyeongchang.

history of the struggle for the right to be Pyeongchang Olympic capital

City Pyeongchang is located in South Korea, in its territory it will take XXIII Olympic Winter Games.For the right to become the capital of world sport this city fought for a long time.By entering twice, he lost first Vancouver and then the Russian Sochi.However, the Korean representatives has always been characterized by confidence and persistence, perhaps just for this once again decided to smile luck to them.

Determination city Pyeongchang as the venue for the Olympic Games took place July 6, 2011.Thus, South Korea had enough time to implement all the necessary preparation for the main sporting events.The small town of Pyeongchang was able to get around quite well-known major European cities of Munich and Annessi in the first round of voting.It is worth noting that many analysts believed South Korea advance the favorite in this race sport.

great impression on the jury had the Korean Olympic Committee athletes.A speech in front of them was a famous champion Yu-Na Kim.That she had the honor to tell the whole world about how the Winter Olympics will be able to change the history of the sport in her country.In the example she convinced everyone that South Korea's competition for the right to host the Olympic Games gave a new impetus to the sport began to build a stadium and track, created the conditions for education and training of athletes.His words Olympic champion confirmed a couple of days before the show - at the rink, showing the greatest class skiing.

nature and climate of the future Olympic capital

Winter Olympics 2018 will be held from 9 to 25 February and promises to be a worthy astounding event.For sporting events organizers are preparing new stadiums, playgrounds and trails in the two ski resorts - and Chunbon Alpenziya, as well as in the coastal zone in the vicinity of the village Gangneung.Local places are different kinds of outstanding natural beauty, unique nature is preserved in its original form, which is closely intertwined with the traditions and customs of the local people.Almost 90% of the territory covered by quite high rocks that are ideal for snowboarding or skiing.Many fans have long been able to appreciate the local sports facilities.For these places for the most part characterized by humid climate.Major rainfall in the summer, but in some cases, the rain can go and winter.

How much is the Olympics?

South Korean authorities promise to create all the necessary conditions for athletes and tourists.Thus, all objects are supposed to be close to each other, so you can move between them will be practically on foot.To finance the project the government had allocated about half a billion dollars, in addition, it has planned to invest 8 billion by 2018.

new symbols

Winter Olympics in 2018 has found its symbolism.Thus, the stands and posters will decorate:

  • Five classic Olympic rings.
  • International inscription in English PyeongChang 2018.
  • special logo - two Korean letters, made in the Olympic palette.They are characterized by a profound symbolism.For example, the first character is harmonious interaction between heaven, earth and man, but the second letter is identified with the festival of ice and snow.

Olympic sports

Next, the Winter Olympics in 2018, will delight us in the sports disciplines such as:

  • skating on ice;
  • bobsled;
  • biathlon and skiing;
  • snowboarding;
  • hockey;
  • curling;
  • jumping and more.

little more about Pyeongchang

Winter Olympics 2018 is sure to attract a lot of tourists, including our compatriots.However, to reach a new sports capital is not easy.So, initially need to buy a plane ticket to Seoul, and then carry out a transfer by car, this road will take travelers for about 4 hours.City Pyeongchang is quite small, it is home to only about 40 thousand people, there remained a conservative way of life, are welcome courtesy and respect.In addition, tourists from all corners of the earth pleasantly surprised local prices, which differ significantly loyalty.

The free sports moment visitors can devote to visiting the local sights and sounds of South Korean culture.It recommended very closely acquainted with the local cuisine - its main distinguishing feature is the poignant sharpness, unfamiliar to many Europeans.If necessary, in the city you can find restaurants and cafes with European cuisine, as well as fast food.


Olympics Winter Olympics 2018 - the long-awaited event for the whole nation of South Korea and most important event for the Asian region as a whole.The vast number of people in the country supports and endorses the conduct of large-scale sporting event in the territory of the native state.In addition to the development of sports, these events contribute to the development of social conditions, as well as national identity.