The Descent of Man: basic theory

origin of man is studied by various sciences, such as anthropology, philosophy, history, theology, paleontology, and others.In this regard, today there are quite a number of theories of the emergence of people: social individual product activity extraterrestrial biological entities and others. To this day, none of the existing theories are not strictly proven.Describe any existing theory is quite difficult, but consider the most convincing is possible.

The most popular theory of the origin of man is the creationism (divine creation) and Darwinism (the evolutionary origin).

creationism exist several hypotheses.According to one of them, the people descended from the gods.On the other hand, man was created in a single god.Most scientists are religious and ideological interpretations rejected.About half of the academic world and other researchers of this issue share the idea of ​​Darwinism, which is based on the fact that the origin of man is due to natural selection.

Creationism is characterized by m

ore philosophical views than scientific.Versions of this theory range from purely theological to quite confidently claim to be scientific.Creationists reject evolution and bold attempts to scientifically prove the facts described in the Bible.The hypothesis of creation is unlikely to still be proved or disproved, so there will always be together with the scientific theories.

According to Darwin's theory of human origins was made possible by the evolution of monkeys, who have learned to handle a stick and stood on two feet.This theory is based on a serious basis of facts and anthropological data, it represents a coherent scientific system.

creator of the theory of evolution summarized the achievements of biology, breeding practices and their own observations.He was able to prove the hypothesis, which explains the origin of human evolution ape.According to his theory of the diversity of animals and plants that inhabit the Earth - it is the result of frequent mutations, which are summed up centuries and millennia.Then begins the natural selection.Unadapted to the life of the individual and species are pushed to the periphery, allowing you to quickly develop others that were more suited to the new conditions.

On the basis of Darwin's theory were put such a thing as anthropogeny under which today understand the process of separation from the animal world of man.It is believed that the most distant ancestors were apes of people who in their evolution have been several stages to form the final result.The line of evolution is built in such a way: Australopithecus (Homo habilis) - Pithecanthropus (Homo erectus) - paleanthropic (Neanderthal man) - Cro-Magnon man (Homo sapiens).It should be said that a hundred years ago, this theory completely satisfied with the scientific world.But now opened all new facts that lead to criticism of Darwinism.

Today is also a very popular theory explaining the origin of man in the world outside interference.According to her, people appeared on Earth thanks to the work of other civilizations.According to one hypothesis, modern humans are descended from landed on Earth in prehistoric aliens.More complex hypotheses suggest that the man appeared through interbreeding with members of other planets, the ancestors of modern earthlings;thanks to genetic engineering, space anomalies, etc.However, many of these theories resemble the idea of ​​divine intervention.