Where does the dust and how to fight it?

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According to Wikipedia, the dust - not that other, as the fine solid particles with a diameter of 0.1 mm (larger ones - have sand).From here we learn the origin of the dust.It is believed that the main source of this scourge - volcanic rocks, salt water from the oceans and even (strange but true) expanses of space.In addition, plants are the source of dust.Their pollen is spread through the air during the active flowering.It is impossible to ignore the tiny soil particles that penetrate into the room through the open windows (in my purely objective and non-scientific opinion, the latter theory is much closer to the truth).

Of course, in the case of "production" dust mite bring people and pets.After all, the substance of this 30% is made up of waste products of living things.As is well known, human skin (and animals too) is updated daily and unnoticed.Dead epidermis flakes settle on bedding, clothing and furniture.Just think: an adult for a year leaving behind about 500 grams of these particles.

If you look at the house dust under a microscope, you can see it not only ticks (saprophytes), and mold.Last prefers a combination of dust and humidity.In such hothouse conditions it propagates well, using "dessert" particles of the epidermis of humans and animals.

Besides the fact that the mold is a strong allergen, certain types of toxic and it is quite capable of causing intoxication.

must say that Mother Nature made sure to protect against the ingress of dust into the respiratory tract.The smallest particles are deposited on the mucous and displayed together with phlegm when coughing or sneezing.But unfortunately, the possibilities of this natural barrier is not unlimited.Our body is able to master a certain concentration of dust in the air.Exceeding the limit negative impact on health.

Familiar to our eyes the dust - a dangerous mix of many components, most of which is not as harmless as it may seem at first glance.It is a very favorable environment for the growth of microorganisms and bacteria.In addition, the dust in the apartment is a wonderful haven for ticks.And in fact they are the most common cause of allergy and asthma symptoms.

How to maintain the cleanliness of the apartment?

With that, where does the dust, all more or less clear.However, the question remains: how to deal with this nuisance.Keep doors and windows closed, removed from the homes of all domestic animals and three times a day to arrange wet cleaning?Agree, a few people are satisfied with the output.

To defeat the enemy, you need to know about it as much as possible and develop an effective strategy to combat.Let's start with the principal - where does the dust in our apartments.The main sources of its admission to the premises - is the vents and open windows.But do not rush to replace them with air conditioning.Recent studies have shown that in this modern technology develops mold fungus.Plug the ventilation holes provided for the building project, too, should not, simply remove the dust with a protective grille at each wet cleaning.

Another source of dust and a favorable breeding ground for mites - bed and carpets.Needless to say that requires weekly linen replacement.Carpets must not only vacuum, but also clean.

If your apartment has a library, keep in mind that the main shelter of dust located there.To reduce its amount, during the general cleaning (at least once per month) Complete vacuum over the spine, cover and rear side.

Mistress can not help wondering where does the dust when cleaning done just that.It would seem that all surfaces are rubbed, carpets and upholstered furniture thoroughly propylesosheny, but very soon all covered by a thin layer of dust.Primarily, this is because when harvesting many of us forget about the ceiling.And after the dust accumulates there.Therefore, during the wet cleaning is not superfluous to go mop wrapped with a damp cloth, on tops.Most of the dust accumulated in the curtains, which many housewives also overlooked.Heavy drapes can be treated with a vacuum cleaner, tulle better wash.

Hoover returns back up to 40% of intake.It is an established fact.However, current models take into account this problem.So if you have in the house is still home to an old "Typhoon", do not be surprised, where does the dust.
Note that to maintain perfect order in the apartment more easily, less its belongings and furniture.Therefore, if you want to live in clean, without regret part with redundant.