The right of the first night.

Among the numerous ceremonies, rituals and customs that have received worldwide distribution, a special place is occupied by the so-called right of first night.The rite is to deny the virginity of the bride, who had just played a wedding, and it will have the first night of love.The groom seemed overshadowed and becomes an outside observer of what is happening, and defloration of the bride, or, more simply, the very first sexual intercourse in her life makes the other person.

Typically, this feudal lord and master of the patrimony of the entire population, living on his land, or that the leader of numerous tribe, or a landlord having several hundred serfs.In any case, the bride groom is not getting any virgin.And in some countries directly at the wedding the bride should have sexual intercourse at a time all the male guests.After copulation the man touted her a gift.After this intimate part of the wedding ceremony, the friendship between the groom and his friends through the bride becomes even stronger.

In Europe during the Middle Ages right of the first night it was enshrined in law.It was believed that the suzerain or even any small feudal lord gave the young woman a kind of start in life, personally denying her innocence.In most cases, the groom fully supports the right of the first night, because in that distant time, a sense of superstition and religious sentiment were so all-consuming that the groom was revered for happiness if their darling went through someone else's bed.

Centuries later the picture has changed.Increasingly, it was possible to meet the bridegroom, who did not want to share your favorite bride elder princes and graphs, giving the right to the first night.He preferred to pay off, pay for the integrity of his wife.In many countries in Europe and Asia intercourse with the bride to replace other ritual actions.Mister had to step over the bed with the bride lying or stretch your leg across the bed.It is considered to be equivalent sexual intercourse.

And sometimes the first night the young furnishes so many noisy and restless living manifestations of participation in the wedding process, that a bride and was glad to give up his place to a friend, or even a passerby.In Macedonia, for example, sending the newlyweds in the room where they were to spend their first night and the groom giving right of first wedding night, numerous pals raised unimaginable noise, beat in pan and beat with sticks on the walls.Then he covered the door to the room and left to go back exactly five minutes to open the door and ask whether all happened, where the sheets with traces of blood, and why so long no news.

And when the sheet was prepared and elderly women carried her to vseobscheee Review, joy wedding guests was not the end.Thus, a bloody right of the first night still took the groom.Sheets posted on a visible place and then broke dozens of pots, "as shards, so many children will be young."And the powers that be, graphite, landlords, nobles and others like them, to participate equally in the wedding ceremony, though no longer as performers of the ritual, and just as the guests of honor did not stop them from having fun with them.