The Second World War causes and results

Versailles Treaty put Germany in a very humiliating position.The country has lost all its colonies, and about 15% of European territory, which according to the contract moved to France, Belgium, Poland.Germany had to pay billions of dollars in reparations.But that humiliating of all, the country has been deprived of his army.Its number should not exceed 100 thousand. People were disbanded General Staff and most other military departments.The country did not have the right to develop any kind of weapons, except for the needs of the police.Naturally, such conditions have an excellent base for strengthening the opposition nationalist movements led by Adolf Hitler.The end result of this agreement, and became the second world war, the causes of which is sought in the 30 years of the last century, and two decades earlier.

Throughout its long history, Germany has been one of the leading countries in Europe.Heir to the Holy Roman Empire could not be brought to its knees.Slogans Hitler summoned to the citizens of the nationalist movement, led to the strengthening of the Nazi Party, and eventually led to the fall of the Weimar Republic.The birth of the Third Reich was greeted with great enthusiasm by the people.Hitler developed active on the conclusion of agreements with other countries, it had concluded a military alliance with Italy and Japan.At first secretly, hiding behind the development of agricultural technology, and then clearly and began to develop a more modern tanks.Under the pretext of development aircraft for the laggards of that period, the Germans perfected their own aircraft.

Thus, by 1936, the German army was already a very formidable force, does not take that it was simply impossible.The Second World War, the causes and reasons for that accumulates faster was just around the corner.The interaction of parts and connections of different types of troops was perfectly worked out in battles on Spanish territory.The Nazis supported General Franco.It was in Spain was held the first trial by the military clash between Germany and the USSR.Despite the fact that the Bolshevik movement was defeated, the Germans appreciated the military might of the Soviet Union.

Germans well to assess the situation and were aware of the equipment of the Red Army with modern weapons.The Great Patriotic War has been delayed for several more years.Hitler knew that without the industrial facilities in Europe he did not beat the USSR.But on the whole country was ready, and the Second World War.The reasons for the conflict broke out and can be found in the treacherous behavior of Britain and France.Their leaders are so enthusiastic attempt to play off each other of Hitler and Stalin, which ignored its alliance commitments to Czechoslovakia, they simply "given" to the Nazis in 1938, in the hope that Germany will continue its offensive in the east.That annexation of Czechoslovakia by the Third Reich begins key dates of World War II.

Thus, the second world war, the causes of its origin it is not necessary to look only in the desire to establish the rule of Hitler's Aryan nation over all others.The humiliating Treaty of Versailles, which led to the strengthening of the nationalist movement, the connivance of Britain and France and their desire to weaken the Soviet Union by Germany, led to a military build-Nazis, respectively, the country was faced with a choice: either to go to war, or find themselves in a deep economic crisis.