What is the form of government in Russia?

order in accordance with which the organization and interaction of the supreme bodies of the country (government) in Russia is established taking into account various factors.The most significant of them should be called the level of political and legal culture, the ratio of social and political forces, and others.

Due to the special situation of transition to a market economy, a form of government in Russia today - presidential republic.It should be said that this order has its own characteristics.

So what form of government in Russia?

It should first be noted that along with the symptoms that have a presidential republic in the traditional sense (in particular, the presence of presidential control over the government work), this order has certain traits parliamentary republic.These features consist in the fact that the State Duma may express no confidence in the Government, despite the fact that the final decision on this matter taken by the President.

also a form of government in Russia, according to some authors, is characterized by the fact that there is a certain superiority between different branches of government.

One of the main problems of the state system is considered to be the territorial organization of state power.The challenge is to find the optimal and strengthening the relationship between the fields of activity of government at the federal level, mainly to ensure the territorial integrity, national unity and the desire of some regions and areas for greater independence.

Russia is a unique country and the form of government in Russia is based mainly on the constitutional treaty legal foundation.As a self-adjustment mechanism and regulation of federal relations are the nature of bilateral agreements between the subjects of the Federation and bodies of state power.It should be noted that the number of subjects of the Russian Federation in the first place in the world.

decentralization and the increasing independence of the regions is balanced by the basic principles, which are reflected in the Constitution.These principles guarantee the equality of all members of the Federation, the inviolability of the territorial integrity of the country, unity of bases that make up the state system.The form of government in Russia provides for the protection of freedoms and rights of citizens.The constitutional foundations of the rule reflected the federal law, and cautioned against taking actions in any way aimed at changing the status of a unilaterally.

constitutionally delineated in the country of reference objects of state power into three categories: items that make up the joint management entities and the Federation, separate management and the Federation, and the subjects.

for harmonization of federal relations need a flexible policy of inter-ethnic harmony.To this end, it developed some concept of policy, providing for conflict resolution and prevention at different levels.