Dead Road and "Stalinist" utopia.

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Russian history is full of mysterious facts that have become known to the public only recently.These include one of the nonsensical ideas Stand - Dead Road.It paved the route Salekhard - Igarka.The great ruler adventurer planned to build a railway line on the Arctic Circle.Today, these buildings are a fascinating spectacle.

Dead road was a secret project of the Gulag, and became aware of it only under Khrushchev.Its builders were mostly prisoners.It was planned that the length of the object will be 1263 kilometers.Utopianism of the whole project was in the first place is that the area where the road paved dead - is permafrost.To build the road, it was necessary to cross a large number of streams and rivers.To solve this problem, build bridges, and strengthened ice (even specially built up it), filled swamps, to be able to deliver construction materials.

build a railroad in the North - is the dream of many engineers of the time.Only after Stalin began active repression of the Soviet people, to achieve this goal began to use forced labor.The decision to strroitelstve was so fantastic, that his failure was obvious.But the government was planning to build a seaport in Igarka and therefore, it was necessary to pave the railroad.

Dead road required for its construction more than 290 thousand prisoners of the Gulag.At the site of its construction work of the best experts in the field of engineering.Many people died in the ruins of this idea.The prisoners lived in barracks, surrounded by barbed wire, but it was absolutely unnecessary, as to escape from the camp was simply impossible.They eat waste and stockpiles of abandoned warehouses.Hardly Railroad Museum will be able to convey the full horror of the abuse of power.Our compatriots have suffered and died in order to satisfy the vanity of "the powers that be."

Workforce imported to the destination of the "big water" and after the project fell through, take them out was considered too expensive.Today, Dead Road "tells" to visit her on the hardships and sufferings of the time.For equipment and paved the way remained there ever since.

costs for the construction of the Northern Railway amounted to nearly 6.5 billion rubles.Even then, reports were made that the demand for the services of the transport route there.Nevertheless, construction continued in obedience to the orders of the leader.Nowadays, after being discovered in the North oil fields resumed the construction of the railway through Surgut, but on new technologies.This road was built earlier dead were absolutely unnecessary.

Its construction stopped after the death of Stalin in 1953, and by the time it was built thanks to the prisoners has 900 kilometers.By this time there killed more than 300 thousand people.All government property has been thrown in the tundra.History of Russian Railways has many secrets, mistakes and accidents that claimed the lives of people with him, but such activities on the construction of unnecessary objects nobody is more like the destruction of the nation.