How to calculate the radiators

Compulsory payment radiators need to make even before moving on to the issue of purchase.At least, it looks logical.After all, if you do not calculate the required number of sections, there will be no possibility to get the required quantity.

Immediately it should be said that the calculation of the number of radiators must be carried out by experts, because in addition to the fact that he will have the necessary experience and knowledge in this field, he has available a special software.

But, despite this, to know the basic principles of such an event as the calculation of radiators, clearly hurt.Thus, it is assumed that the standard amount of power required for heating per square meter was 100 kW.But the fact that this is the standard value.I mean, if the room has only one window unit and a standard floor height, it is definitely nice.However, this is not everywhere and not always.

also worth considering that if the room has two or more outer walls, the calculation of radiators must be carried out on the condition that the total capacity will be increased immediately by 20 percent.But at the same installation of plastic windows with glass allows us to reduce this increase in power there.The fact that such window perfectly retain heat.

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Now go on.In the calculation of sections radiators also affect the following factors: the presence or absence of the thermal insulation layer;the material of the walls of the room were made;circuit connection of radiators;the presence of grilles at the very radiators and so on.In fact, even if the sill was too broad and it is too close radiator - it is, again, requires an increase in heating capacity.Indeed, in this case, largely deteriorating the heat flow, which creates a kind of air curtains at the window directly.

If the ceilings in the room above the standard, again have to increase the heating capacity.This happens by multiplying a multiplying factor to calculate the power.At the same time raising factor - the ratio of the calculated and the actual heights.

Once calculated the radiators, you can already determine the order, how many sections you need to purchase.To do this, the calculated total power is divided into one section of the heat.This option can be found directly in the store.Also, you can find out about it on the Internet and on websites.In general, the calculation of the required number of sections - this is really not a problem when properly conducted by calculating the total heating capacity.

And, of course, it is worth remembering that the choice of a radiator - a very important task.After all, its solutions depends functioning properly all of the heating system.We can say for sure that very few people desire inherent in freezing cold winter evenings.