The formula of baking soda.

sometimes quite ordinary and familiar since childhood stuff is almost a panacea for many diseases and ailments.Just not everyone knows it.One such compound is ordinary soda, each stored in a cabinet in the kitchen.It turns out that she is not only a means to improve the quality of baking, but also medicine, degreaser, bleach and even a decontaminating agent.Read this stuff more.

Chemical Base soda

The correct name of the compound in terms of chemistry - sodium bicarbonate.There are some names that are used in everyday life and chemistry to describe this substance:

  • sodium bicarbonate;
  • baking soda;
  • baking soda;
  • baking soda;
  • additive E 500.

However, any of them reflect the only true essence - a soda.

empirical formula

formula of baking soda - NaHCO3.That is, by nature of the substance - is a salt of carbonic acid, the acid related to the category.Since the connection established with a strong alkali and a weak acid, then by hydrolysis (in aqueous solution) to an alkaline reaction medium.A solution of baking soda in water has a pH of 8.1.Sour salt is readily formed by reacting sodium hydroxide and carbonic acid, the process is expressed by the following reaction equation:

NaOH + H2CO3 = NaHCO3 + H2O

empirical formula of baking soda shows the qualitative and quantitative composition of the compound, based on which we can conclude about the spatialstructure of the molecule: the positively charged cation Na + in the external field and a negatively charged ion, hydrogencarbonate HCO 3 - in the interior.

carbon atom coordinated around three oxygen atoms, one of which forms a double bond.Also, one of the oxygen atoms connected to the hydrogen cation form gidroksogrupp.The third oxygen atom as an ion associate near sodium cation.Thus, the compensated valence of each element included in the composition of this compound.

physical properties

Whatever name we have not given this matter - soda, drinking, carbonate, sodium hydrogen carbonate - a formula it is still one and gives an idea of ​​the physical properties.Thus, the appearance of ash - fine powder.Its color is white.It is soluble in water and practically insoluble in organic solvents (alcohol, for example).Outdoors is not decomposed.It begins to disintegrate at high humidity environment.The products of complete collapse at higher temperatures are sodium carbonate (average salt), carbon dioxide and water:

NaHCO3 = Na2CO3 + CO2 + H2O

Sodium bicarbonate has no smell, taste slightly salty, with a flavor of alkali.When dissolved in water, an alkaline solutions of different concentrations.

Brief information about the history of the discovery and use of soda

first information about sodium bicarbonate were still in the ancient civilization of Egypt.It was in those places were distributed several lakes containing natural sources of soda.When drying of the soda lake gave a white powder, and people collect it.Egyptians used it as one of the components in the production of means of mummification.The formula of baking soda then still was not known.

Specifically, as the substance is a chemical compound has been studied much later, around the XVIII century.It was then that scientists are interested in this powder is formed naturally by nature.Careful analysis of the possible to determine the qualitative and quantitative components of the connection.So a modern formula of baking soda.

great contribution to the development of ideas about matter and exhibit their properties was submitted by the Italian doctor Tullio Simoncini.He owns the experiments, the results of which are soda - a possible treatment option for cancer.However, to date, accurate data, it confirms no.


Due to its ability to dissolve well in water and react with acids to form the reaction of carbon dioxide, soda is used in several areas of industry and everyday life.Namely, such as:

  • pharmaceuticals and medicine;
  • chemical industry;
  • light industry;
  • food industry.

consider in more detail each of the areas.

Application medicine

main thing is what is the basis of substance use in medicine - is its ability to restore aqueous-alkaline balance in the digestive tract.Compound NaHCO3 relates to antacid treatment.Baking soda formula indicates the presence of hydroxide ions that serve as neutralizing acidity in the body.Therefore, most solution of sodium bicarbonate in water are used to eliminate the symptoms of heartburn.However, this is not the only area of ​​diseases, where the substance can be used.

  1. the treatment of colds baking soda relieves cough, as it promotes the liquefaction and removal of phlegm from the lungs and bronchi.Also, it is possible to do inhalation of SARS.
  2. How bactericidal anti-inflammatory agent and is also used baking soda.Formula it reflects the presence of hydrogen cations H +, which provide this effect.
  3. for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases (arrhythmia and hypertension) is used in a weak solution of water, sodium bicarbonate.
  4. With diarrhea and vomiting in conjunction with the use of sodium salt allows the body to fill a water supply and to restore the necessary balance.
  5. substance capable of killing fungal diseases, so it is used to remove the fungus feet, do douching solution for thrush, washed eyes in inflammation of the conjunctiva.
  6. Thanks whitening properties of baking soda is used for brushing teeth.
  7. weak solution eliminates the itching in skin rashes (or insect bites).
  8. initial degree burns treatment.
  9. relieve the body of salts of heavy metals.There
  10. relieve stress and fatigue, and weight reduction by using a warm bath with NaHCO3 and essential oils.

about the benefits and dangers of baking soda when used for medical purposes, including cosmetics, can say a lot.The main rule of the use of funds, as well as any other medication - do not ignore the recommended dosages.Misuse may harm health.

Soda for food: the formula and use in the chemical industry

main area in which sodium bicarbonate is used - this household chemicals.Soda may act as a mild abrasive cleaner surfaces and degreasing.It is also used as a raw material in the manufacture of dyes, foams and fluoride.In addition, on the basis of NaHCO3 made extinguishing agents.

can not imagine what would have developed without sodium bicarbonate household chemicals.Baking soda - an important and necessary component for many chemical syntheses.

Light industry

surface treatment in the manufacture of rubber, rubber soles and products used baking soda.The formula use, the harm and benefit of sodium bicarbonate in the light industry - a topic to explore.In short, the role of NaHCO3 is reduced for use in the manufacture of textiles and artificial leather.The damage is manifested in the appearance of burns if contact with the substance is too long and his hands were not protected.The benefit is that soda - a great supplement and degreasing in tanning leather and its production, as well as a good bleach fabrics in the textile business.

Food Industry

formula of baking soda in chemistry reflects the essence of the processes in reactions with acids.For example, acetic acid interaction is described by the following equation:


This forms carbonic acid, being very unstable, immediately breaks down into CO2 and H2O.It is on this feature and is based reactions using sodium bicarbonate in the food industry.It is necessary for the manufacture of baking soda to extinguish vinegar, add the mixture into the dough for its porosity and better structuring.Reaction quenching soda refers to the type of reaction of neutralization and is accompanied by a spectacular effect foaming and hissing.

use baking soda makes a very soft, fragrant and beautiful, so the food industry - one of the main industries where large-tonnage used this substance.Also, sodium bicarbonate is used in baking, in the manufacture of various confectionery products.In addition, it is used for the formation of gas bubbles in fizzy drinks (soda, champagne and sparkling wine, mineral water).

Baking soda: properties and treatment.Harm and contraindications

In fact, the use of soda widely in various industries and everyday life, as we have already seen before.Her unusual healing, antibacterial, whitening, soothing and healing properties used in the treatment of various ailments.However, as with any other drugs in soda also has an opposite side.It can be very harmful and dangerous for health.Its indications for use are obvious, but no less important, and contraindications, we take a closer look.

Harm and contraindications

can cite several major reasons why a soda can become an enemy, not a friend and helper.

  1. With prolonged use of the solution into the acid rebound effect occurs.This is a process in which an excess amount of released carbon dioxide in the body, leading to increased acidity and increased gazootvedeniyu, bloating.
  2. long contact with the powder can cause irritation and rash.Contact
  3. dry powder ash in the eyes, nose, or other mucous membranes of the body causing chemical burns.
  4. When using powder tooth whitening thinner tooth enamel and worsens.
  5. Frequent use can cause inside NaHCO3's relentless sense of nausea.

Therefore, it is obvious that not only the positive role played by human soda.Benefits and harms of treatment - a controversial aspects.Before the widespread use of sodium bicarbonate to get rid of various ailments should consult a physician.If the ash is used in the home (cleaning surfaces, bleaching of fabrics and so on), you should not neglect the most basic protections for non-contact use of the substance.