Do you know who the feminists?

meaning of the word "feminist" in a modern society is ambiguous.Many men do not even have a basic understanding of who the feminists actually attaching the label to the unattractive ladies who have not developed personal life.According to the same category of the stronger sex, feminist categorically rejects relationships with men, and by any means trying to prove to them that can solve the problem without any help.Is it so?Try to understand who the feminists in more detail.

Feminism - is a kind of ideological model based on the idea of ​​equality.Therefore, feminist deeply convinced that in addition to appearance, a man and a woman anything from each other do not differ.

Those who want to know who the feminists, in greater detail, should first be aware of the fact that a woman has positioned itself as an equal person who also has the pride and dignity.And it hurts to watch, when a man go on about their superiority over women, - say, a woman without male support could not exist on this planet.

men who have a very vague idea of ​​who the feminists would be interested to know that this social phenomenon for more than two centuries.However, the peak of the feminist movement took place in the twentieth century, when the fairer sex is actively advocated for a broad set of rights, including - legal, political and social guarantees.

special, promoting the ideas of feminism, strongly disagree with the role assigned to men in society.He initially considered a braver, smarter, purposeful, it has a higher salary, and his trusted senior positions, which, according to feminists, unfair - because women also have this right.

As a rule, virtually all feminists, photos of which, incidentally, can be seen on many of the resources of the network and in the print media, prone to shocking and PR.They absolutely do not like it when a man pays for them at the restaurant or holds the door for them to let them come.In women, the feminists always comes first career.At the same time in order to reach the heights, they often neglect the interests of the family.At the same time, achieving their own, they no longer feel flawed, because they think, "I paid equally with men.I'm very clever and well done! "

striking example of the young ladies that promote the idea of ​​women's independence - the famous Ukrainian feminists.They are trying to constantly be in the spotlight.

After seeing photos of the Ukrainian feminist, any woman would envy such beauties.

young ladies of the movement Femen regularly organize demarches in many different places: at both in Ukraine and throughout the world.While bare-chested in the dead of winter, they thereby not only express their attitude to a particular event, but also to show others what they are capable fragile and delicate nature like them.Very often activists organize anti-government protests, thus participating in the political life of the country.