Popular Front -from broken trough By New jerk ?!

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When I read the conclusions of the different socio-political foundations and the results of sociological surveys centers, the float in memory the last words of a famous fairy tale Pushkin:

... On the eve of his old lady sitting,

And before her brokentrough.

and feel sad when you hear that more than 45% of citizens of the Russian Federation recognized that have not read a single book in a year ... And many do not know that Pushkin was born June 6 - the pride of our literature!And you will know that the majority of Russians turned out nothing to be proud of Russia, because they can not remember any significant achievements of the country since the collapse of the Soviet Union.And ... Well, enough!

Well, enough power is decided!- And arranged the ONF (the Popular Front) led by our President.It is time to act and do these same achievements, and that is actually a disgrace!

For 20 years after the war the Soviet Union created a powerful military-industrial complex (military industrial complex), sent Gagarin into space, has become a superpower ... Yeah, have not been able to fill up the shelves in all cities of sausage and consumer goods, but so help all progressive mankind that beforestill write off the debt!But for the past 25 years, only the regression in almost all spheres, besides a progressive curve, but at a flat rate of taxation for the new bourgeoisie, which has long been pricked to the West and, in any case, there is already established!

And apparently tired of our president to be a screen, a sort of respectable scenes already bygone era of "big Hapki" and liberal psevdoreform with a sad outcome, hence sounded a new cry:

Get up huge country,

Get up to fight to the death!

So the ONF was born!And this means that all the old arguments about the elite and the creative class, just idle talk to disguise plunder of the country and most of its people.And in fact, in the Russian Federation is not, by and large, no national-oriented elites and no creative middle class.

And arrayed vertically and horizontally government institutions, to put it mildly, is still far from its minimum standards of operation.

bothered seem to authorities, as well, and the majority of the population, any arguments about natsideyah, especially given the multi-ethnic composition and the federal structure of the country.

Hence a new solution: no natsidey, only the Popular Front headed by the recognized leader of the people - our President!

a good idea!But the authorities and citizens should recognize the existing reality: the lack of effective Russian elite, productive middle class, a functioning civil society and social consensus.And the fact that now exists in the Russian Federation (the population, the electorate, layers, etc.) under the concept of "nation" is suitable only with great reserve, and no "big bang" as the previous generation, these disparate people did not commit.And there is a striking confirmation of 90 years of the last century.Then we have the strength only "big Hapki" pseudo democracy and populism.

the words of Professor Transfiguration, "the devastation going on in their heads," and this process we have continued for decades.However, "economic chaos in the heads" to allow the existing reality will be difficult, but we must begin with a search for social consensus, building institutions of civil society, the creation of a productive middle class, and then the real elite will ...