As a confession for the first time?

first confession often frightening.Man does not know what to say, did not know where to start, and the father is afraid afraid of it bad to think.It is good that you are thinking about confession.Try to participate in this sacrament as soon as possible.As a confession for the first time?Your fears are normal, over time, you will be easier to talk about their sins.

About frequency Communion

course, well, if a person takes communion after confession.But not always possible to fully prepare.Therefore, people postpone the first confession.Can I confess without the sacrament?Yes, indeed, it is necessary to resort as often as possible to the first of the sacraments.Frequent Communion the Russian Orthodox Church for the laity Missed.Typically, they are encouraged to approach the bowl once every two to three weeks.But at least once a month to receive communion is not recommended as a person without this sacrament if drops out of church life.So, do not be afraid to confess, knowing that the sacrament you are not ready yet.To repent in church, you can at least every day.

At the call of conscience

How to confession for the first time?Everyone knows their deeds, which regrets to a greater or lesser extent.Usually conscience knowingly exposes us.So when you come to confession for the first time, it is necessary to tell about the sick and all that it seems wrong in his behavior.To complete the preparation of the books you will come later.To get started simply overcome fear and repent to God in the presence of a priest.

only currently

How should confess in church, and when this happens?Your task - to say what you did wrong, not your family members or offenders.The desire to justify themselves - a natural human desire, but at the time of repentance is your task - not to impress the priest, and be reconciled to God.By the way, the impression that if you think a priest can surprise, something very wrong.Most likely, it will behave compassionately and dispassionately.It is only a witness of penance which takes the invisible presence of Christ.This is stated in the prayer which the priest reads before the service.When can I confess?Usually it offered in the evening to repent after the evening service, sometimes simultaneously.In the morning before the service begins confession or also occur simultaneously.Usually near the temples posted schedule.The monasteries are often on duty priests who can confess and unusual time.

Common sins

How to confession for the first time?Not to forget the importance, you can do, how do experienced believers - write a list of sins.Before the revolution the people came to the temple as a child and not be afraid of the priest.Now people come to God in the age of reason, so that it is useful to repent of that earlier did not go to church.Tell the priest that it is your first confession.Do not try to say that sin at all - this is not repentance and abdication of responsibility.Innocent people, too, does not happen.Almost all who come into the church, for example, have the experience of reading the horoscopes with curiosity.A lot of gossip, condemn and lie regularly.So you can find something to say.Do not wait for questions, tell yourself.If necessary, the father asks.

How confession for the first time?Ask God to help mentally and repent sincerely.Lord authorities simply everything.After the first confession arrange a time of great (General Confession) - in my life, with the help of special books.