What sedatives good?

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frantic pace of modern life often leads to nervous breakdowns, stress, depression.In order to avoid the influx of negative emotions, people seek refuge in drugs.However, this is not always possible.Most of the special medicines that have a strong impact, dispensed in pharmacies by prescription only.

How to choose a good sedative drugs that are available?Among them may be listed of vegetable origin: extracts of valerian, motherwort.Medications "Afobazol", "Corvalol", "Perseus forte", "Valoserdin", "New Pass", "Valocordin" and others do not have a high efficiency and will not help if the person is under stress for quite some time.By plant-based sedatives, which can be purchased at the pharmacy, consumed in large doses is not recommended.Strengthen their impact so impossible.It is necessary to see a doctor, he will prescribe a more effective means.Strengths include the following drugs: antipsychotics, tranquilizers, anti-depressants and nootropics.The most popular are the means "Phenazepam" "ì" "Diazepam", "Phenobarbital", "Nozepam" and others.Antipsychotics - the most powerful psychotropic sedatives, they are used for insomnia, and for the treatment of depression.Antidepressants can have not only soothing, but also activating effect.Tranquilizers provide a sense of peace, prescribers, as hypnotics.Nootropics improve cerebral circulation.

sedative effects and are able to provide antihistamines, who take allergy.Among such medicines can be called "Diphenhydramine", "Donormil", "Suprastin."

But whenever taking sedative drugs, do not forget that they are able to exert adverse effects on the body.In addition, they may cause addiction with long-term use.There is a relationship similar to alcoholism.To obtain the desired effect, with the time necessary to raise the dose of medication.Dangerous Drugs must be taken only on prescription.Also, do not drink sedatives unnecessarily, simply because one day during a nervous breakdown or stress or some other means of help.Pick up the drug should only be a doctor.In consultation it takes into account the individual characteristics of the patient.Sometimes, to relieve stress, it is enough to distract from the problems, change your lifestyle.Treatment with drugs can be successfully replaced a complete outdoor recreation, with positive emotions and vivid impressions.

order not to resort to using chemical weapons, which can not only help, but and harm, can be used sedatives of the nerves that give nature itself.A great alternative will infusions and herbal teas.Sedative effects have mint, oregano, valerian root, lemon balm, chamomile, motherwort, thyme, sweet clover, St. John's wort, willow-herb.Also brewed flowers of wild rose or hawthorn.You can combine herbal tea with honey, which also helps reduce hyperexcitability.