Which means you can apply from the burn

Burns is a bullous skin inflammation.The upper layer sheet thus dies.Due to the large ejection histamine is released from an amount of liquid, thereby forming blisters.Pathological damage to the skin occurs under the local influence of high (over fifty five - sixty degrees), temperature, chemicals, electricity, ionizing radiation.

In assessing the severity of a thermal burn, take into account, first of all, the surface area affected.When lung lesions marked redness and slight swelling.Such a burn takes place within four to five days.In case of damage of the second degree bubbles are formed, which in the absence of infection disappear after seven or ten days.Thus, as a rule, does not remain scarring.When third-degree burns marked necrosis with the formation of a scab.Subsequently, it remains relatively dense scar.In case of damage of the fourth degree charring of tissue at a shallow depth with the capture of the bones and muscles.The most common type of home injuries are mild thermal damage.Most burns occur in children.Therefore, experts recommend to keep your home medicine cabinet products that contribute to the elimination of pain, has a bactericidal and wound-healing effects.Also, do not interfere, and a medicament having antihistamine activity.For serious injuries should not self-medicate and consult a doctor.

How to get rid of burns

should be said that to find a medication that has all the above properties at once, quite problematic.However, there are pharmaceutical drugs are often used in this type of household injuries.For example, there is a remedy for burns, "Panthenol".This cream contains pantothenic acid, which controls the regenerative processes in the skin.However, the formulation "Panthenol" no substance capable of delaying the development of the infection.In this regard, while serious injuries this cream can not be used.Another remedy for burns - special gel "Apollo."This medication contains an antihistamine, wound healing, pain components.

that the Council is traditional medicine?

the damaged area is recommended to apply a special ointment.Prepare this tool, you can burn a mixture of two hundred grams of oil (sunflower) and twenty grams of beeswax, melted over low heat.In the warm mass should add the cream (tablespoon) and yolk (one).

Another very popular remedy for burns - grated potatoes.The mass applied to the gauze and adhere to the damaged area.Compress change after it is hot.Another recipe - wet tea injury.Strong welding, pre ostuzhennoy to thirteen to fifteen degrees, pour burns and bandages moistened for ten or twelve days.Known means is the sea buckthorn oil.