Advice on how to choose the place and to make the foundation for the greenhouse

Although greenhouses, in general, are not complex structures, but their construction or installation on their own is a task quite difficult, not to mention the equipment of all kinds of useful tools, such as carrying water or electricity.

Before you begin to build the foundation for the greenhouse, you should make sure that the place chosen for the construction is correct - the greenhouse should not obscure the house, trees or fence, if the selection is small, it is the only place in the area in which it can be put, it should be used mostoptimally.It is not recommended to put the greenhouse in hollows and depressions or next to them - there will always be a drain and to gather the cold air.Access to the greenhouse should be very good, the width of the passage around the buildings must be at least 1.5 m.

choosing a place, you should consider not only good lighting, but the nature of the prevailing winds.It will help protect structures from wind device special fence or planting a hedge.

Choosing the right place, it is best to draw a plan on paper, which would be shown all the elements and the size of the greenhouse.Making sure that everything is thought out and nothing is forgotten, you can start clearing the terrain and layout structure.The layout is carried out using pegs driven into the ground to the top of which nailed and cords attached to them.By gon or diagonal measurements, be sure to make sure that all the angles are straight, if necessary to make the required adjustment.

clearing area includes work on removing the sod, loosening topsoil and carefully remove all the stones, roots and debris.At the end should be very well leveled soil rake to level all the bumps and hollows.Check the levelness of the terrain helps direct boards stacked on her level.If the floor does not provide a breakdown of the greenhouse beds, then it is recommended to fill it with a thick layer of gravel.

Now we can start to lay the foundation for the greenhouse, which will ensure the construction of the necessary stability and strength.You can pour concrete or lay bricks.Consider how to make the foundation for a greenhouse made of concrete.Concrete is a mixture of a universal surface of it turns out very strong and durable.To make the foundation for the greenhouse, it is recommended to take such proportions components: 1 part cement 1.5 parts coarse sand, gravel or 2.5 parts gravel.The optimum width of the trench for the foundation is about 40 cm and a depth of about 15 cm, if you plan to put half the greenhouse walls of brick, delve be 30 cm, then sprinkle the bottom gravel bed and ram it.Pour the foundation for the greenhouse to the ground.The level necessary to control the height of the foundation.For this purpose, before pouring in the corners and along the bottom of the trench hammered pegs.Their height must be calibrated using the level and match the height of the foundation.When placing concrete in their exact altitude, you can be absolutely sure of horizontal concrete strip.

If you plan to mount the construction anchors, you should not forget to lower them in a damp concrete.After pouring the concrete should be left to the tape for several days to pour, hiding it from the rain.

If concerned about how to make the foundation for the greenhouse is not only durable but also retains heat well in the room, a reasonable solution would be to lay out the concrete ribbon several rows of bricks, since the thermal conductivity of masonry are much lower than the glass, even double-glazing.Just lay out half a greenhouse made of brick can be at the stage of its construction, if the facility is ready, it is possible to insulate the foundation with the help of foam, wood or bubble wrap.