Social values ​​and characteristics

people to freely exist in the world, he must be able to interact with others.Value - the specific characteristics of the objects of our environment, which determine their positive and negative value for every individual and society as a whole.The social value of law - a concept, understand that a person understands what his positive role in society.Thanks to him, provided stable order in the structure of social relations, as well as the possibility of usual human actions.

note that man, as a social being, must establish certain patterns of behavior that apply in a particular situation.This is done in order to be able to safely exist in the community and interact with other individuals.These patterns are called social norms.

social values ​​- that is what is important for each person a priori.The adopted solutions are one of our main line of conduct, which we try to adhere to every day life.That is why the value orientations play the role of regulation and the method of determination of individual b

ehavior.They help him distinguish the significant from the unnecessary, senseless material.

scientist D. Leontiev studied in detail the social values ​​and are allocated three forms of their existence, which can mutually flow into one another:

  1. social ideals.
  2. Item embodiment of these ideals.
  3. motivational structure.

Note that throughout life a system of values ​​can be confirmed, and the other - discarded due to its insolvency.The result is a kind of hierarchy, which contains concepts that are applicable and relevant to each person.Social values ​​- a concept that is formed in each individual, because in one society is hard to find two people who have this system was the same.Very often, the individual is faced with the fact that it runs counter to the principles of the new systems, or the theoretical foundations are not joined with a real life.In this case, begin to form multi-layer systems, in which the declared values ​​are often at odds with reality.

Value orientation - is the result of socialization of individuals, ie the development of all types of existing social norms and requirements that apply to individuals or members of a social group.The basis of their formation lies in the interaction experiences that people have with the existing patterns of social culture.On the basis of these concepts form their own view of the nature of individual claims.

Business relationships always contain in their structure the value aspect.It defines explicit and implicit standards of conduct.There is such a thing as professional values ​​of social work, indicating the stable performances and people's beliefs about the nature of the goals, methods of achieving them and the principles of a future life.These values ​​orient the social worker on the basic principles of its behavior in the work and the responsibility for their actions.They help to define the scope of any employee with the rights and responsibilities that he has like a professional.

Social values ​​begin to form in early childhood.They are the main source of people surrounding the child.In this case, the fundamental role played by the example of the family.Children watching their parents, begin to imitate them in everything.Because daring to have children, the future mom and dad need to understand what kind of responsibility taken.