What is the national character, and whether it is inherent in most of us?

In general, the term "national character" refers to the category of complex social phenomena and concepts of several modern sciences: cultural studies, philosophy, social psychology, ethnology and related sciences ethnopolitology.

1. National character.Definition

This definition describes the different sustainable features that are characteristic of the majority of members of a particular ethnic or national community, and includes:

  • spiritual values;
  • ideas;
  • interests;
  • religion;
  • morality;
  • motives;
  • mental makeup;
  • social and psychological defense mechanisms;
  • aspirations;
  • feelings.

All of the above can be attributed with certainty to a particular people, nation or ethnic group.

In general, it seems to me that the character traits of a nation or people - it is a complex concept, means by itself, first of all, the psychogenetic store this ethnic group.The latter usually occurs on the basis of historical, social and cultural practices, as well as taking into account all the ideas, traditions and stereotypes, values, interests and ideals that are prevalent in this community.

can say with certainty that the character of the people is manifested in two categories, both as a system of cultural and social norms, and mental phenomena.

Very often we hear the question concerning the differences between the national and popular character.Is there a difference?Having studied a lot of specialized literature, I concluded, becoming the side of the majority of experts that the two definitions are completely identical, becauseBoth reflect and express the characteristics and specificity of a particular ethnic group common views, values ​​and feelings.

2. The national character in the contemporary world

However, some modern scholars, in turn, takes a slightly different point of view.They believe that the concept of national character and national character is necessary to differentiate, becauseat last be understood more complex and the historical development of the phenomenon.

Why?This is primarily due to the fact that in some countries, some active members of the ethnic group or nation consciously participate in the most important areas of life, namely, the legal and political.They deliberately think about the history of the region, its honor and want to save for future generations.Ieall this is happening consciously.

In this case, attention is focused on the problems of the nation as a whole, which means that they are connected not only with the development of each individual, but also the ratio of public and personal interests.

Scientists believe that these problems are not addressed, or almost not considered in traditional communities and engage them mostly national organizations, community groups.

3. The national character of the peoples of the world: the Swedes and Russians

The main feature of the Swedes, perhaps, is hard work.In addition, each visited the country will note that, unlike us, the Russian, the people of this state quite reluctant to express their point of view, do not show their emotions, feelings and experiences.

That is why, perhaps, they are boring glory and uncommunicative people.You rarely find a Swede, brag or achievements.The representatives of this culture generally prefer not to talk about myself or about the members of his family.And it's not snobbery, as many believe, is the norm of behavior.For Swedes, in contrast to ordinary Russians, it is in the nature of things does not know the neighbors on the porch, do not go to visit for the holidays, do not bring gifts to holidays or business trips.

Although there is a paradox here: if you succeed miraculously talk with the Swede, then silence him is already impossible.He is more willing to contact with foreigners, openly sharing with them episodes of his personal life, the nuances of the business and the achievements of children.Just do not expect to find in the face of the Swedes grateful listeners, they not only do not know how to listen, and did not feel such a need.

Russian national character and provides a completely different relationship between members of the opposite sex.Unlike us, the Swedes are quite different to the fairer sex.They never paid for his companion in a cafe, cinema or tram.This is not greed.The men of this country sincerely believe that, in doing so, they humiliate the dignity of working women, which, in turn, take it not as a manifestation of a gesture of politeness, but rather as a sop.