Reinforcement strip foundation during construction

When building foundations are not seldom resorted to reinforcing processes that will improve the strength characteristics of the bases and thus significantly extend the service life.Consider a few options and the reasons why it is necessary to carry out reinforcement strip foundation.

In the first case, if we strip foundation has a size at which its height is greater than the height of the base it is necessary to carry out its transverse reinforcement.To do this, producing reinforcement cushion foundation, which sets a lower net.This geometry allows for a foundation to avoid such adverse effects as the onset of the bending point at which the bottom part of the foundation can be stretched.And given the fact that the concrete does not tolerate such tensile forces, and therefore there is a need of reinforcement.

sworn Besides the above there is also a cross-longitudinal reinforcement strip foundation.This process is caused by uneven reinforcement density of the soil, uneven load on different parts of the basement, the possibility of uneven subsidence of the foundation and of the process, as well as the possibility of occurrence of bending in the longitudinal plane.And to not ruined the foundation of his need to be reinforced.For this purpose, use top and bottom of the grid.In this case it is best to use a grid made of valves with a cross section of 12 mm.

Consider now the rules are applied in the process of reinforcement.The first reinforcement strip foundation is carried out in strict accordance with the rules of the reinforcement of concrete products and structures.In addition, the upper protective layer covers the top mesh should be at least the size of the diameter of the valve used in the grid to work.A foundation for reinforcing mesh bottom protective layer must be equal to 70 mm.Mainly used for the reinforcement of the foundations of the grid cell with a side of 200 mm.The design of the grid can be either welded or knitted.

transverse reinforcement strip foundation requires preliminary calculations.Let us take, for example, a condition that will be reinforced with the foundation reinforcement with a diameter of 12 mm and 200 mm side of the cell (grid).As mentioned earlier, the transverse reinforcement strip foundation depends on the bending moment in the pad (bottom) of the foundation.Sam bending moment can be calculated using the following formula: Q xbxb / 2, where the quantity Q - is the value of the pressure exerted on the cushion base.A suitable diameter of reinforcement for reinforcement is calculated by calculating the plate cushions on the action directly bending moment.Generally, for these purposes, assumed the grid spacing of 200 mm.

Besides additional payment can be made to the possibility of a foundation cushion punching wall (such deformations depends on what size brick, you are going to use in the walls).If there is a strong likelihood of the punching, the punching prism can be further enhanced vertical grid reinforcement.

It is also necessary not to forget Incorporation deflection edge of the foundation with respect to the central part.This deformation may create uneven pressure on the ground foundation.And if the airbag has a large width of the foundation, it may cause decrease in the efficiency of all the tape base as a whole.

If the settlement process proved that even the use of reinforcement of the largest profile is not enough for the reinforcement then reviewed the size of the foundation, in the direction of thickening cushions.However, it is worth remembering that this approach can significantly increase the consumption of concrete for the construction of strip foundation.

Also foundations often perform and reinforcement of masonry.This allows the wall of the house, even in the case of uneven loads on the foundation more effectively and evenly distribute them and keep the whole structure of the building from the deformation and subsequent destruction.