Avocado or alligator pear

alligator pear or avocado - it is the small size of the fruit of South American origin.His name is so unusual it was due to the British.It was they who first noted the similarity of the fruit with a thin skin dark green crocodile skin.

alligator pear belongs to the same category of plants as camphor, cinnamon and bay trees.It is an evergreen fruit tree with broad crown and rather brittle branches that can reach a height of fifteen or twenty meters.At the same time, surprisingly, such a tree grows very quickly.Leaves alligator pear broad, leathery, slightly tapered at the end.Flowering tree in the February-April, its white flowers are collected in paniculate inflorescences beautiful.One plant produces an average of about 1000-1200 fruit per year.For a complete ripening of the fruit it requires a lot of water, sun and warmth.That is why the historical homeland of the avocado are considered to be Mexico and Peru.Their mild subtropical and tropical climate is the most optimal conditions for the tree.Today, industrial-scale alligator pear grown in the United States, Brazil, Africa, Hawaii, Mexico and Israel.These are the main exporters of this product.

Currently, worldwide there are more than four hundred varieties of avocados, each of which differs from the Friends of shape, color, oil content and weight.Depending on what exactly pear varieties, the fruit may be coated with a smooth or bumpy skin tight from almost black to dark green in color.Inside it is a lot of hard bone.The fruits may reach in their weight to two kilograms, but commercial grade pears, usually does not exceed 250-300 grams.

fruit taste is very peculiar, its green or yellow-green flesh is somewhat reminiscent of the traditional butter with a slight nutty flavor.

In their homeland - in South and Central America - alligator pear has about the same meaning as in European countries, bread or meat.Its tender flesh composed of protein and polyunsaturated fatty acids, that is, pure vegetable oil.Together they effectively protect blood vessels provide the necessary amount of energy the heart muscle, contribute to better assimilation of fat-soluble vitamins.The balance of these important health and beauty of minerals like folic acid, vitamins A, E, C, PP.These materials are excellent strengthen the immune system, has anti-stress and cosmetic properties - moisturize, soften and nourish the skin and restore the structure of damaged hair and rejuvenate the body as a whole.

should also mention the impact of glutathione - an amino acid, also contained in the avocado and protects against some types of cancer, and phytosterols - a fat-like substances, responsible for lowering cholesterol.The oil is extracted from the fruits of alligator pears, found its application in modern medical industry.The drug, which is made based on it, is used for the treatment and prevention of periodontal disease, scleroderma, and arthritis.