Alphabet male shortcomings ... Part 2

P - gifts.You ever met a man who would be able to choose and to give gifts?I do not either.If cosmetics, make sure the wrong color, the smell, the brand.If the clothes, such that the street it is possible to leave only once in his life - during the Brazilian carnival.Set the pan on the eighth of March or a vacuum cleaner for the New Year - this is not the worst option.One of my friend's birthday husband gave toilet brush ...

P - jealousy.It happens.Vasya Pupkin familiar with or Grisha Pipkin - and only after a while you learn his real name: Othello.Few people will attract the prospect of being strangulation (if not physically, and morally).

C - arrogance.First, it reckless and mountains on the back, do not need someone else's advice, then he blames everyone and everything for their failures.

T - TV.Sports channel, news channel, and then the gunman.Transfer "In the animal world," political talk show, and then horror.As well as fighting without rules, thrillers and broadcasting a rock concert.Interestingly, from this amount of communication with a TV male brain is not yet adopted a square shape?

have - evasion of the duties of men.Did you know that men are twice as likely than women to resort to the phrase, "Not tonight, I have a headache?"And not just in response to the execution of marital debt, but also to a request to move the bedside table, carpet or knock nail shelf.

F - football.I think that comment is superfluous.

X - snoring.If the record of male snoring on the recorder, and then sell the recording to the studio to create special effects in a movie about aerial bombardments, you can earn good money.

C - cynicism.All men without exception - the cynics, and those that are not cynics, just skillfully pretend.

H - hours.Looking at the face on his hand, he is in the mind are assessing how much time to spend on your job, how many - on friends, how many - on the other man's joy.When he finally thinks of you, hands on the clock shows that there are only five minutes.

III - mules.At work, he ironed suit and shining shoes at home - in the notorious sweat pants with blisters on his knees and worn slippers.Why not once in many years, there was no other way around?

E - selfishness.The postulate about the same as for the lack of the letter C.

Yu - men's humor is based on three pillars: the lieutenant Rzhev, mother-in-law, and Little Johnny.Add a bit of profanity, vulgar details - and the dish is ready to eat.

I - Yakan.They say that Napoleon had delusions of grandeur.But where it to modern men.

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