What is autistic thinking?

autistic thinking - is a complex mental disorder, which is characterized by the highest degree of self-isolation.Its main features belong to avoiding contact with the reality of poverty and the emotional spectrum.People who suffer from this disease, characterized by inappropriate reaction and lack of communication with society.

problems with communication

What is autistic thinking?It is not difficult to recognize.It has a number of symptoms, among which are the following experts.

These patients poorly developed.They both have difficulty understanding and reproduction of words.Often these people repeat sounds and phrases heard from others or on TV.They do not get to the heart of complex syntax.

much easier for them to respond to the monosyllabic sentences ("eat", "go", "Arise" and others.).Abstract thinking autistic and retarded.Most often it manifests itself in the fact that patients do not understand these parts of speech such as pronouns (your, his, ours, and so on. D.).Most often, the primary inspection parents complain that their child can not fully communicate.This issue is beginning to emerge in the second year of baby's life.


man whose consciousness is absorbed autistic thinking, behaving as if he had broken the perception of the surrounding world.From the side it seems that he is deaf and blind.Surrounding it is difficult to attract the attention of the patient.He does not look into the eyes of the interlocutor or even turns when his name.A careful examination reveals no problems at the physiological level.

Autistics do not create a close relationship, even with family members.This deviation can be seen already in the first months of life.During this period the child is not pressed against the mother when she holds him in her arms.It can even resist physical contact - to strain your back and try to slip out of grasp.

These kids do not like toys, like ordinary children.They have fun, using their own methods: a rotating wheel machines, twisted rope, tuck in your mouth dolls.These deviations can be seen in the second year of life.

Games with other very limited or non-existent.The child may not be interested in such fun or simply do not possess the necessary skills.He usually does not pay attention to others.Exceptions are primitive games like "give-take".

autistic thinking erases the ability to self-service.Patients difficult to dress, go to the toilet.They retardation react to danger.In this regard, these kids need constant supervision.Parents have an obligation to protect them from serious injury, which can be obtained even during the most casual walk down the street.

attacks anger

For people with autism, characterized by aggressive behavior and unpredictable outbursts.Often, they can direct this cruelty itself.Patients bite hands, beating his head against the wall, floor or furniture, punch in the face.Sometimes inappropriate behavior directed at others.Most of the parents complaining about the rudeness of these children, emotional outbursts, acute reaction to failures and prohibitions.

autism can spend peculiar rituals.For example, they swing from side to side, clap their hands, twist in the hands of the items unseparated look at a bright light or a fan blade, put different things in a row, or squat for a long time to rotate.


Many patients are not fully autistic thinking, because there is the concept of so-called skill-fragments.This kind of "islands" of appropriate behavior, which have been preserved in their minds.This phenomenon manifests itself in a variety of situations.

Such people can develop without delay, and to learn to walk at the age of fifteen months.There are cases when kids have a high level of motor development, no problem walking and do not lose your balance.

Memory, hobbies, fears

When the doctor diagnoses autism, he is looking for signs of normal memory.For example, a child may repeat the sounds for others to imitate or heard on television.It is also able to remember the details of what he sees.

He developed some interests: playing with various objects, clockwork toys or household goods.Someone is interested in music and dancing.Some are able to put puzzles, love letters and numbers, and so on. D.

Autistics are small, but the specific fears that exist in less time than in healthy people.Thus, the patient can scare the loud sound of a vacuum cleaner or a car horn.

Tips close

autistic thinking - this is a serious medical diagnosis, which is able to deliver only neuropsychiatrist.That treatment was carried out at the right scheme, a person must undergo a full examination.After that, together with psychologists, doctors are developing an individual plan to combat disease.The key to success in countering the problem - to be patient, kind, and believe in the success of treatment.

Parents want to create for the baby maximum emotional comfort.They need to instill a sense of security to the child.The next stage of work - teaching a child new behaviors and life skills to adapt to the environment.

Close must understand that it is extremely difficult to communicate with the outside world.Autistic and realistic thinking - the two polar concepts.Relatives must constantly observe the patient, to explain to him everything they do or say.In this way they can help autistic broaden perspectives on reality and push it to the expression of feelings in words.

special approach

Even patients who can not talk, happy to perform various tasks nonverbal nature.They need to learn to play bingo, folding puzzles, solving puzzles.It is very important to develop a person's ability to communicate with others and do something with them.

When autistic draws attention to an object, you need to tell his name to be taken for his hands.Thus it will be possible to use a large number of analyzers - touch, sight, hearing, and at the same time attack the autistic thinking.Human psychology argues that patients need a lot of times to repeat the names of things, to explain their purpose, as long as they do not make them part of their perception of the world.


If the child is totally absorbed in some occupation, can be neatly complement its action its explanation.It is important that in doing so he touched the subject in question (such as a mirror).This will help your child not to talk to overcome the internal barrier of silence and learn a new word.

When little sick leave with his head in the manipulation of objects, it is necessary to bring in an action sense.For example, putting some bricks in a row can be called the construction of the train.This is done in order to reduce the thought disorder, autistic behavior of the child.

In play therapy to be applied formulation in which there is a specific simple rules.It is not necessary to access role-playing role-entertainment that require tapping.Any fun to be repeated over and over again, explaining every step in it.Thus it is possible to ensure that this game will be one of the rituals that love autistic.

problems that cause autistic thinking, need to be addressed without haste.Before a need to set specific goals: freedom from fear, aggression control, teaching interaction with others.

very important that kids watched cartoons, the characters of which have bright, expressive facial expressions.It is difficult to identify the facial expressions, and this method will help to cope with this problem.

is best suited for small train Tome cartoons "Shrek" and so on. F. Encourage your child to guess what mood this or that character, making the freeze-frame.Let him try to portray this emotion alone.

If a child withdraws into himself, distract him play mimicry.Your face should work with the very expressive, it was easier to guess what you are showing.


autistic thinking in adults can be treated with their participation in theatrical performances.First they violently resist attempts to bring them into play.But their perseverance and encourage involvement of the patient not only dare to do it, but also get a lot of pleasure from happening.

also useful to tell different stories with positive and negative characters.So the patient unconsciously learn to understand what is good and what is bad.You can play these tales with the participation of people or use puppets.Thus it is necessary to explain that everyone in this view of its role.These performances should be carried out several times, each time adding to them something new.