History of medicine - from philosophy to biology

Human Health - a very fragile component of life.Since ancient times, people wanted to improve their health and learn to deal with various ailments, which arose as a result of infections, viruses or banal old body.

History of Medicine started simple and primitive: primitive voodoo teachings were a mixture of witchcraft and magic with the wisdom of the people.All the achievements of the ancient healers were considered by the grace of almighty gods or blamed on "superpowers" healers themselves.However, the modern history of medicine has taken over a lot of drugs and techniques that were discovered by scientists of ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece.

Historians believe that medical science was formed in ancient Egypt, and from there spread to the rest of the developed civilization at that time.Medicine Ancient Greece was founded by a native of Egypt - Aesculapius.At that time, the processes occurring in the human body, tried to explain the philosophy.Consequently, an interest in the structure of the human body, its study.In ancient Greece, began to produce the autopsy.Knowledge accumulated so much that it became possible to open a medical school and create some semblance of hospitals in the temple.During this period, it was brought to the high level of medical specialties such as obstetrics, traumatology, surgery and dentistry.All this knowledge moved to Alexandria after the fall of Greece and continued its development.

Such belligerent empire like Rome could not do without medicine.Particular attention was paid to surgery, as soldiers often got wounded on the battlefield, it is requiring surgical intervention.Medicine ancient Rome took as the basis of their knowledge of Greece and Alexandria achieve.

Of course, the development of medicine has left its traces in other ancient civilizations, such as Japan, Tibet, India and China.In these regions, the history of medicine had much in common.For example, there are long practiced an autopsy, and therefore knowledge of the structure of internal organs remained very vague, and the idea of ​​it - fantastic.But, despite this, the diagnosis of the disease was at the highest level for that time.For example, to recognize the disease doctors used by counting pulses in various parts of the human body.They also have an idea about hygiene and ways of infection.For the treatment have been used of vegetable or animal origin.

at the stage of witchcraft and magic medicine was divided into its two main branches: surgery and therapy.And then there were other, more subtle, branches and specialization.

In the Middle Ages because of the ideology of Catholic Christianity medicine remained at the level of ancient Rome and Greece.Diseases then explained "the punishment of the Lord," and the doctors associated with the disease and evil spirits, and sometimes called sorcerers and passed into the hands of the Inquisition.History of Medicine proved to be at a standstill.

interest in this science appeared again only at the end of the Middle Ages.Began to appear anatomical theaters and outstanding scientists in the field.

Since then, medicine has changed, and today it also continues its development.It remains less and less disease, which were not subject to modern science.