World War I

First World War represented a war between two imperialist political alliances of states where capitalism has flourished, for the redivision of the world and spheres of influence, the subjugation of peoples and multiplication of capital.It was attended by thirty-eight countries, four of which were part of the Austro-German bloc.By nature she was aggressive, and in some countries, such as Montenegro and Serbia - the national liberation.

reason for the outbreak of the conflict in Bosnia was the elimination of the heir to the throne of Hungary.For Germany it was a good opportunity to start a war with Serbia July 28, the capital of which was shelled.Since the First World War.Russia two days beginning a general mobilization.Germany demanded an end to such acts, but received no answer, declared war on Russia, and then to Belgium, France and the UK.In late August, Japan had declared war on Germany, Italy adheres to neutrality.

First World War began as a result of the uneven political and economic development of nations.Strong conflicts arose between Britain and France and Germany, as many of their interests in the section of the globe faced.At the end of the nineteenth century Russian-German conflict began to intensify, and any clashes between Russia and Austria-Hungary.

Thus, the sharpening of the contradictions pushed the imperialists to the division of the world, which was supposed to happen by the war plans that were developed long before the general staffs of its appearance.All calculations were based on its short duration and short, so the Nazi plan was designed for a decisive offensive against France and Russia, which were to take place no more than eight weeks.

Russian developed two variants of warfare that had offensive, the French included the offensive forces of the left and right wing, depending on the onset of the German troops.UK no plans of operations on land, but the fleet was to protect the sea lanes.

Thus, in accordance with these to develop a plan the deployment of forces took place.

stages of the First World War.

1. 1914.Began the invasion of German troops in Belgium and Luxembourg.In the battle of Maron Germany was defeated, as well as in East Prussia.At the same time last it happened Galician battle, which resulted in the Austro-Hungarian troops were defeated.In October, Russian troops launched a counteroffensive and drove the enemy to the starting position.In November, Serbia was liberated.

Thus, this phase of the war did not bring any decisive results of the parties.Military operations have indicated the error of building plans for their implementation in the short term.

2. 1915.Military action unfolded mostly involving Russia, because Germany was planning its rapid defeat and withdrawal from the conflict.During this period, the masses have begun speaking out against imperialist fights, and in the fall began to take shape a revolutionary situation.

3. 1916.Great importance is given lake naroch offensive, by which the German troops relaxed their attack, and the Battle of Jutland between the German and British fleets.

this stage of the war did not lead to the goals of the warring parties, however, Germany was forced to conduct the defense on all fronts.

4. 1917.We began the revolutionary movement in all countries.This stage has not brought the results that both sides expected the war.The revolution in Russia foiled the plan of the Entente to defeat the enemy.

5. 1918.Russia withdrew from the war.Germany was defeated and committed to withdraw from all the occupied territories.

Results of the First World War.For Russia and other countries involved military action enabled the creation of special state bodies, decisive defense, transportation and many others.It began the growth of military production.

Thus, the First World War was the beginning of the general crisis of capitalism.