The revolt in Tambov

War Communism beginning of XX century, pressured the peasants and made them the choice between starvation and resistance to authorities.At the same time there was also a mass closure of churches, which forces farmers to stand on the protection of holy sites.All this led to numerous peasant uprisings throughout the country.

The largest of these was the Tambov uprising of 1920-21.Tambov province was located near the capital of the Bolsheviks, so the whole burden of Bolshevik atrocities it has fallen here.We can say that the beginning of the uprising was put even 2 years before the date on which historians consider the beginning of the peasant disturbance.In 1918, this area has resisted the Bolsheviks, periodically flashed a small, poorly organized revolt that quickly suppressed.In the summer of 1920 there was a meeting in the Blue dogwood bushes where white officers and leaders of guerrilla groups decided to join forces in the fight against communism.By August 20th it was organized by two guerrilla armies, which began a serious blow to the Soviet power.Since then, the Tambov uprising turned into an active stage.

August 19 peasants refused to deliver bread in several villages.Requisition been disarmed.The village Afanasevka smaller rebel groups united in one unit.Then the fire of revolt has spread across the country.Soviet institutions ceased their activities in the province, disappeared requisition and death squads.From Tambov province fled away internationalists, the KGB and the Jews.The rebel became the basis for the formation of three armies that were later brought under the overall command.Tambov uprising led to the creation of a democratic republic in the Tambov region, which created the necessary institutions: the police, the press, the prosecutor's office.To request the convening of a Constituent Assembly.

heroes of the civil war in Russia, including the Tambov rebellion are contradictory personalities to judge which today is difficult.Thus, the leader of the Tambov uprising Alexander Antonov was a terrorist operatives, and after the February Revolution, he was appointed chief of police of the Tambov province.

During the 1921 revolt in Tambov expanded, spreading to neighboring counties.But at the same time the number grew and the Bolshevik forces in the area.When the edges were closed in Poland, to subdue the peasants were sent Bolshevist heroes of the civil war in Russia - NEKakurin GIKotovsky IPUborevich.

resistance to the Bolsheviks in Tambov began in the large-scale war under the leadership of MNTukhachevsky.Against the peasants were exhibited armor, poison gas, aircraft, and artillery.

summer of 1921, the rebels could no longer resist the onslaught of the Red Army.The population refused to support the uprising.In late June, it was proposed to combat units: disband and hide in the woods, or return to civilian life.But revenge was terrible Bolsheviks.During this period, neither the village was wiped off the face of the earth.The leader of the uprising Antonov killed in 22 arrest.

Background civil war in Russia were not empty words.They resulted in the terrible acts of self-destruction of the people who broke out across the country for several years.But the people were so exhausted the policy of War Communism, which preferred to blind and thoughtless resistance, which inevitably led to the defeat and death.The result of these uprisings was a temporary retreat by the authorities podrazverstki to NEP.It marked a new stage in the history of the Soviet Union and its people.