Methods of teaching psychology

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interest in psychology as the science of man, his inner world, personality characteristics and problems of the relationship with the external environment led to include this discipline in all educational programs, not only higher education institutions, and specialized secondary and in school practices,training programs, etc.Of course, the scope and content of the course "Psychology" in higher education, courses and schools are fundamentally different, but in any case it is important to seize the teacher didactic workshops.Methods of teaching psychology - the science of how to present the most capacious psychology as a subject for study, the laws of the learning process, the ways and means used for the effective training of groups differing in age and basic education.

What is the subject of methods of teaching as a science?This psychological training activities.In this learning process is understood differently.He is considered as a form of interaction between teachers and students, as the process of learning activities, either as a form of cognitive activity.

Methods of teaching psychology solves the following problems.First of all, it defines the purpose of the training.Without a clear and precise goal it is impossible to solve other didactic task.Not long ago the purpose of teaching of any discipline was considered mastery students the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in recent times, in connection with the development of science and increase the required amount of knowledge is increasingly important to give the students in the right direction, the theoretical basis for the independent study of the subject.And here the question arises: how much knowledge is necessary to give the student for further self-immersion in the subject of psychology at various stages of preparation?

methods of teaching psychology

in modern teaching practice, there are three main methods of teaching psychology: programmed, problematic and interactive learning.

programmed instruction - the most traditional way, where in accordance with the subject of the study program is created, installed or adjusted goals, objectives and teaching methods for delivery of knowledge and forms of their control.

Problem learning involves modeling of various problem situations that may be the individual student.There attainment of knowledge occurs through the cut of the problem from the inside, while searching for ways to solve it.

Teaching psychology through an interactive method allows you to dive into the subject and build the process of learning through the creation of interpersonal and group interaction.

human psychology - the subject of a complex and multifaceted.Many scientific theories and views on the many issues identified in it, very contradictory interpreted and explained by the different schools of thought.In addition, interest in psychology as a science is caused by the desire of students to know themselves, have the option of using the knowledge gained to design their behavior, their successful cooperation in society.This, no doubt, be taken into account when teaching the subject.Thus, the methods of teaching psychology, focused on improving training of professionals and educators, in accordance with the requirements of the time, choose the modern ways of learning.This verbal methods (lectures) are combined with the visual method - watching videos, using Internet resources.But above all, methods of teaching psychology should be based on practical innovative teaching methods in which students not only become active actors in the educational process, but the process is formed, taking into account their interests.