Pavel Globa: zodiac forecast for the coming year

How to achieve goals?What bet in the next year?Tips in the forecast of the famous Russian astrologer Pavel Globa.

In times of crisis is the main problem - it's a negative psychological state.Knowing when to come in your life a black stripe, and when the light, you can make plans to implement and maximize their potential.

Twelve calendar is based on the passage of the signs of the Zodiac the planet Jupiter.The most widely used this calendar was in Asia.Animals of the calendar control for years, indicate how a person behaves in society among others.Accordingly, the forecast in this calendar system is increasingly characterized by external circumstances, will have to face.But obey them, to resist or react - it is your choice.

upcoming 2014 on the eastern calendar year Blue (Blue) Horses.Elements of the year - a tree, color - blue, green, beginning yang (active).And in the ancient Persian calendar year corresponds to the Yellow or Golden Rooster.However, the Year of the Horse comes to these two calendars only January 31, 2014 1 hour 40 minutes, Moscow time, on the day of the new moon of Aquarius, and the Persian March 21, the vernal equinox.

luck next year will be accompanied by people active, hard-working, goal-oriented and businesslike.In general, those who embodies the best traits of the horse.And especially for those who can work in teams and to take responsibility not only for themselves but also for others.In addition, luck is on the side of those who are clearly aware of its purpose and is willing to go toward that goal until the end.It is also the year of the Rooster is favorable for those who are actively engaged in public relations, that is shouting about themselves and their achievements and not afraid of scandals and goes to the end in all their endeavors.That such people will have good luck.

I want to emphasize in particular that this forecast is addressed only typical representatives of each zodiac sign.If you do not feel himself to be, the answer is looking at personal individual horoscope, which takes into account the time and place of your birth .

So signs the fire element in 2014 in first place in the ranking of the success of the zodiacal signs.However Aries for 2014 will actively fight for a place under the sun.They, however, will come with the honor of this test.And if in the first half of the year they have all sorts of problems will be more than necessary, in the second half waiting for them happiness, good luck, especially in love and in new business projects.The coming year offers the representatives of this sign is a unique opportunity to upgrade your life to reboot and start on a higher level.

Typical Lions in the coming year is waiting for a problem of serious choice that they will make somewhere in May or June.In addition, they can deceive, and serious business partners, but the end of the year will exceed their expectations.And because the changes do not need to be afraid of, for them the next year - it's time.Difficulties in life of Lviv brings mainly a desire to shine and show off.Yes, there is nothing, but it is early.

Sagittarius coming year will bring a lot of all sorts of surprises, but mostly happy.The desire to start a new life (up to a decisive break with the old) in many ways, of course, be adventurous, but will give an opportunity to feel themselves masters of the situation.It is important not to play too, not to go for the guides, for which you can not enter under any circumstances.In the second half of the year, all events will take place as if by themselves, you will only need to learn how to manage them.In love, as all will develop successfully.Especially for young Streltsov, who next year can successfully marry or marry.In the latter part of the year before their birthday.

second place in the ranking of the success of the next year is a typical representatives of characters the element of water, that is, Cancers, Scorpios and Pisces.

Cancers the whole year to be a lot of work, especially in the first half.But for this they will be richly rewarded by fate.They will succeed in love, especially in the adventures and escapades, but it is important to be restrained, try not to show some weakness and immaturity of character, sometimes inherent.Also cancers will travel, including to remote countries.This mid-year and at the end of the year they are waiting for the deserved reward, success and recognition, and those people from whom they absolutely did not expect.

Scorpion dual waiting very difficult year.In some ways even have to temper their requests and to tighten their belts.But if the first half of the year for them to develop hard and not very well, in the second half, they will be able to turn the tide in their favor.The rhythm of life accelerated, strengthened intuition, and finally will succeed in business relations, the signing of important contracts and proposals, from which they Scorpions hardly refuse.

Typical Fish in the coming year can gain long-awaited happiness in love and marriage, if they before it took place, but it may prove to be fleeting.Much of this year they will captivate to disappoint later on, especially in the first half of the year.But the truth, their rose-colored glasses will fall somewhere between May and July, and the last part of the year will be more associated with professional growth and career elevation.

third place in the ranking of the success in 2014 is a typical representatives of the air element signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

Twins next year will be very hesitate in choosing life decisions.They will change partners, and generally to doubt the correctness of the chosen path.Passionate temperament and diversity of interests manifested in everything.However, the year promises good luck in financial matters.For serious investment is preferable to the second half of next year, especially in October.Lucky representatives of this sign and in love.In the end, everything will be resolved at the Twins are better than they expected.

scales next year could make a big mistake at work or in business projects, you will have to pay for the entire first half of the year.However, common sense and the ability to properly resolve the serious problems will help them to cope with any difficulties and they will be able to count on success in the community, and career growth.February and June - the best in the coming year for the months of setting long-term relationship.Libra is waiting for good luck and fortune, they should certainly take advantage of the day shortly after his birth.

Aquarians in 2014 will very much and work hard, work hard, even during the summer and autumn, and then at the end of the year they will receive full compensation in the professional field and in money matters.On the whole, the coming year for them - year creative implementation, and should make every effort to then say to yourself, "Yes, I did everything I could."That will only need to pay attention to health and relationships with loved ones, especially immediately after the birthday.But Aquarius Star promise success in amorous affairs.

But most problematic of the zodiac signs 2014 may well turn out to be typical representatives of the signs of the earth, namely, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

No way Taurus can not believe empty promises and act only by following the voice of your intuition.In particular this applies to partnerships.Very much in their lives will depend on the case and the need to be especially cautious in May and November.For business activity and long-term contracts are most favorable in July, September, January and March.And do not forget that in their case the end does not justify the means, rather only suitable means to help achieve the goal of Taurus.

Virgos next year to watch out for the deterioration of relations with management.Despite all the efforts to show their best qualities: clarity and sense of duty, they may be undervalued.However, this will help them to increased insight.The second half of the year, there were more calm and stable, tangible things go uphill.In general, with regard to society, the Virgin soon occupy the position of the observer and will not interfere with what does not.And in the personal affairs contrary develop activity reached outstanding success in discovering their talents, and it will be able to use not only the answer to all the questions that concern them, and understand the root cause of all.

Capricorns have to defend their case, some even in court.In short, the year will be filled with the struggle for them and risk.He will be difficult in relations with relatives.April, July and October are the months for the most serious situations in contact with the people, and on the road.Events will unfold so rapidly that even the spirit captures.Relaxation was not possible, but is not this long sought Capricorns?After all, much more interesting, when life is seething and tests of strength.In the second half of the year they will add determination and toughness, and life will begin to bear fruit deserved.

And in conclusion, I want to remind all members of the zodiacal circle that we have freedom of choice and all of the above is only a forecast, but its fate we still are creating yourself.Happy New Year to you and good luck in 2014!

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