Felinology: what is science

FELINOLOGY CAT - is an opportunity for everyone to become a reliable support for your furry pet.

Many people have pets.According to statistics, almost a third of fans gets cats.These domestic animals are so beautiful, interesting, independent and affectionate at the same time, that law has long won the love and reverence.In order to improve the conditions of your pet and more responsible to monitor his behavior and health, you need to have a certain amount of knowledge.This knowledge can be obtained, having become acquainted with the science as felinology.

As she came and went from

FELINOLOGY CAT - the science of cats, which has quite a long history.It began to develop in the late 19th century, when were created the first society of fans of cats in the UK.Today felinology - this is not the only information transmitted orally among all stakeholders.In 2002 in Russia there was a formal referral to higher education with specialization "felinology."Scientists developing this area, called felinologists.

Everyone who wants to become an expert in breeding cats should remember: felinology - this is a serious discipline, and to master it, you will need to get at least a basic knowledge of zoology and breeding methods.

About breed

As mentioned above, the area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest are feline not only in pure zoology and physiological characteristics of the cat.Much attention is given to methods of breeding and improvement of existing breeds.Consequently, felinology - the science that studies the features of breeds, methods of breeding and care.

Breed decided to call a group of animals consisting of a large number of specimens obtained with the assistance of a person who has the same origin, similar physiological and standard features that steadily inherited.The main difference between an animal belonging to a particular breed is constantly required human impact on the consolidation and transmission of hereditary traits.

main signs formed rocks

The main features of the breed should include:

  1. common origin - all animals of this breed descended from a limited number of ancestors, ideally from a single common ancestor.
  2. generality of signs - animals presented in one breed, are similar physiological characteristics.
  3. value of the number of individuals - the breed can be considered as such, when there is available a large enough population, which ruled out the possibility of inbreeding.
  4. territorial distribution of species - the presence of representatives of the breed points play in different places, different climatic, geographical and environmental conditions.
  5. Constancy breeds - stability in the transmission character of the breed, is inherited.

techniques of breeding new species

FELINOLOGY CAT - the science of cats, which is also involved in studies anatomy and physiology of the domestic cat.

All variety of species occurs in the course of many years of breeding.The main methods of breeding work is the method of selection and recruitment.

selection - the process of leaving for subsequent breeding of a certain type to a set of desired characteristics and properties.

To make it possible to carry out the selection, it is necessary to identify the direction in which it is carried out by determining the required types and characteristics, then selected from the offspring of the most suitable characteristics for these copies.

Selection - is a method of cross-breeding of selected pairs of animals to produce offspring with them about the expected characteristics.

is impossible without mention of the fact that, in fact, a technique Obora and selection - it stages one way for a new breed.Pick up the established signs of coming out of already previously selected individuals.

FELINOLOGY CAT - the science of our furry pets.Engage in this science and become better owners for their cats.