How to make a chestnut tree with his hands

Chestnuts - a natural material, perfect for the creation of extraordinary creativity and craft.Currently, many people decorate their homes with ornamental trees, who came from Europe and is known as topiary.You can make the chestnut tree with his own hands!How?Read this article.

chestnuts Preparation for work

best creations come out of the chestnuts, recently fallen from the trees.Such benefits are more easily treated, pierced with an awl.The tree has dried out from the chestnuts will be harder to do, because they firmly and piercing can give a crack.Store unused fruit in a cool place.If the air is too moist, they may be covered with a mold, and if dry - that become hard as stone.Chestnut tree with your hands you can do to help if the fruits in water for some time.

What do I need to create a decorative chestnut tree?

Before you start building your tree of chestnuts, make sure that all the necessary materials you have on hand.For creativity you need:

  • many newspapers for the base topiary;
  • reliable adhesive;
  • strong thread;
  • any shelf to create a trunk;
  • flower pot, playing the role of the stand;
  • plaster to strengthen the tree in a pot;
  • cords for decoration;
  • chestnuts;
  • tea for decoration;
  • Melt;
  • bronze paint.

When you collect all the necessary materials, start creating your topiary.How to make a chestnut tree step by step, see below!

How to make decorative wood base?

process of creating a chestnut tree should start to its foundations.Basis Topiary - a ball which is attached to the trunk.At the very foundation attach decorative elements.To create the foundations take a large number of newspapers and their crumple tightly, giving them the shape of a ball.Formed at the same time be sure to seal the bumps.Ideally suited for this purpose glue called "joiner."Then wrap the thread base to give it greater strength and density.If you want to make a chestnut tree with their hands as quickly as possible, the bases can be used as a ready-made ball of foam.

trunk and attaching bases

trunk - is a necessary part of any tree, topiary chestnut no exception.What can be done trunk?Ideal - is the usual straight stick.If you find a suitable wand could not, use a thick wire.You can also link together several Chinese chopsticks, which is also acceptable.Great will be your trunk chestnut tree!This hack will be able to decorate your home at any time of the year.Now proceed to the mounting bases on the trunk.To do this, proceed in the ball groove of the newspapers up to 5 cm depth, but do not damage the threads linking the paper.Now just pour glue into the groove you created and insert to the barrel.Chestnut tree, a master class which are presented here for you to make a snap!

How to make a stand for the trees?

as a stand you can use any container: flower pot, mug, bucket, box and so on.In this case, we suggest you use the potty.Definitely need to strengthen the stand, otherwise your tree will tend to one side or even fall under the weight of the crown of chestnuts, which is very heavy.You can strengthen the pot with gravel or gypsum (the second option is better).Chestnut tree, fortified with their hands using plaster you do longer, but its stability is increased and at times compared to the gravelled mount.Take gypsum powder, bought in advance, read the instructions for its use.Then knead the solution according to the instructions right in the pot for flowers.Wait until until gypsum will not solidify.Now carefully slide the hardening plaster in your trunk and press down slightly.Leave the design to stiffen the final 30 minutes.You just have to decorate the Topiary.How to make a chestnut tree, you already know.But there is a very important part of the job!

decoration decorative chestnut trees

you done much of the work is now in front of you is almost finished but unadorned Topiary.Now turn on the imagination and proceed very carefully!

Get to design trees just after the plaster hardens completely.Pot-stand you can place both your heart's content.For starters take a string and wrap them tightly pot.For it to be tightly to cement the base of his every 4 cm. The twine should fit snugly to the pot.Now you can glue the stand in any order any material.Especially look good variety of glitter, sequins, elements from salt dough, decorative paper, polymer clay.You can use acrylic paints.

When the pot is decorated with fancy you, proceed to the main part of the work - decorating spherical bases chestnuts.Still, the aim of our Master Class - chestnut wood.This hack will delight both children and adults.Chestnuts ball to the newspaper you will stick with the help of Thermo.It is best to use flat fruit, easier to work with them, and they look neater.Carefully glue all the chestnuts on the foundation.Of course, without the appearance of gaps you have to make it not happen.The lumina should be closed using for this purpose tea (preferably red).Blank sections promazhte glue and pour the tea there.Squeeze hands and wait.Be sure to close all the gaps, otherwise the tree will look sloppy fulfilled.Also zadekoriruyte upper part of the gypsum in the pot.Promazhte it with glue and sprinkle with a dense layer of red tea.Now take the bronze paint and paint its free upper edge of the pot.You can decorate the stand, placed under a chestnut tree.Attach it directly to the plaster.If you want to make a more interesting topiary, use not only in the decoration of chestnuts, but cones of coniferous trees.

Creative you success!