7 little-known but important facts about nails

nails - is not only an important part of the human body, but also one of our "natural beauty accessory."In addition, they can tell a lot about the state of our health.That is why it is so important to know about nails more - which we suggest you make, read our article ...

suggest you familiarize yourself with 7 important, but little-known facts about human nails:

1. Cuticle - requiredof the nail!

Despite the fact that the majority of manicure cuticle is removed, it is necessary to remember that they play a vital role in protecting our nails from infections.The absence of cuticle sometimes literally "opens the door" to our body bacteria and infections that can lead to inflammation, pain, and even deformation of nails.Therefore, removing cuticles you should always be very careful not to get involved in this too.

2. nails and hair are made of similar materials.

nails are made up of multiple layers of hard keratin, which "made" the hairs.Also, our entire body is covered with a thin layer of keratin, which is a little thicker on the palms and soles.

difference between the nails, hair and skin - that keratin hair and nails contains more specific amino acids - cysteine ‚Äč‚Äčthan the keratin of the skin is soft, resulting in a stronger bond between the cells of hair and nails, which is higher than the hardness of the skin.Besides, in the nails sodzherzhitsya less water and fat, and skin folds regularly upper keratin, unlike nails.

3. Nails grow faster on the dominant hand.

There is a scientific theory, which argues that the nails on the dominant hand grow faster as more and more used.However, you may find yourself paying attention to the fact that right-handers have to increasingly cut their nails on the right hand and the left-handed - on the left.

4. Nails grow faster in warmer climates.

In hot countries, human fingernails grow faster as the body with sunlight enters greater of vitamin D, necessary for the cultivation of the nail plate.

5. Regular visits to the beauty salon can damage our nails.

As much as we might wish to believe otherwise, but regular visits to the beauty salon, manicure, and regular use of nail harms our nails.The result of such procedures, and weekly using all sorts of chemicals in nail can be increased brittle nails, stains on them, the bundle nail plates and other troubles.Do not forget that a complete change of the nail takes as much as 6 months, so you need at least sometimes take breaks in manicure.

6. As of nails can understand much about our health.

nails - one of the easiest ways to just "read" symptoms of various diseases.Changes in the shape, color, thickness and nail holes may be a signal about the problems in our body.However, these signals can be read only by specialists, so if you have something unusual notice in a state of your nails, do not hesitate to contact a doctor.

7. Diet influences the state of nails.

It would seem banal idea, but many people forget about it - not only in shape, but also on our nails affected by what we eat.Since the nail plate change slowly, requires six months to understand how changes in the diet on the health of nails.Doctors and beauticians recommend to increase the production of keratin in the body through changes in diet - eat more lean protein, low-calorie milk and vitamin C-rich foods.