How to determine the character of a person's date of birth

If you know the name, date of birth, the nature of man in general quite easy to learn.To do this, refer to the set of known horoscopes, which will open many new and interesting features in the behavior of this or that person.Virtually all the astrological calculations related to the specific behavior of the individual, depending on the time of birth, based on age-old observations, as well as the alleged impact of space on earth processes.

nature of man's date of birth is considered to begin with the year in which he was born.It must be said that the twelve-year cycle of the eastern accurately notices basic parameters of people born in the same period.Here you can learn about that "rat", "monkey" and "Dragons" on a horoscope is very active, energetic, can be a very good and very angry, because I do not know the middle.A "rabbit", "goat" and "pigs" have good manners, innate artistry and intuition."Bulls", "cocks" and "snake" can achieve anything irrepressible labor, while the "dog", "horse" and "tigers" is easy to communicate with people and establish contacts.

nature of man's date of birth in the classical horoscope of the twelve signs of the zodiac to determine easy.Horoscope tells in detail about what are the key qualities of the individual, how he treats people, how it works, friends, love.It is worth paying attention to it to create a harmonious environment around them communicate.

the time of birth are attached numerous astrological calculations by (supposed) Druids (horoscope plants), the ancient Russ (Old Russian horoscope), Indians and others. And each contains a small piece of the truth.

numbers directly engaged in such science as numerology.Character date of birth is determined, for example, depending on whether the number obtained if all the numbers add up to this value.If you make this simple mathematical operation, and you have one, then perhaps you are an energetic person who loves the pressure and committed to independence.Deuce, on the contrary, gives the uncertainty, doubt and constant desire to work with like-minded people.People with a sum of digits equal to three, have a lot of talent, so tend to constantly change the course of life that does not always able to fully open.

Separately worth individual, whose sum of digits in the date of birth is 11 or 22. What is in this case may be a person's character?Date of birth shows that the main goal in life these people - it is a kind of messianism.

¬ęPeople eleven" should live in the community (in any case not in a monastery), giving other valuable tips and responsible for every word.They must have patience, mercy, to be able to see the situation on the part of those in need.If a person realizes that this characterization is not for him, he would lead a life like the one whose "code of birth" is equal to two.

final figure 22 assumes a very special character of the person.Date of birth can be determined that these people are endowed with more than "job" to conduct ongoing outreach activities, which will give new knowledge will help connect with the cosmos.The individual must have a strong will to make great efforts for their own education and development.He needed to distract from their own needs and narrow perspectives, think globally.If a person is not on the shoulder, he will be able to choose the way the amount of deuces, t. E. Four.Such people says stability, reliability, commitment to the resolution of difficult problems, often in engineering or science.