How to improve your health: vitamins to enhance immunity

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The world around us is constantly experiencing our immune system.City dust, stress, heavy loads - all of these factors affect our health, making us more vulnerable to various diseases.That is why our body constantly needs support, and vitamins to boost immunity - this is just what you need.

Why is it weakens

Let's see what factors under the influence of a decrease in the body's resistance to disease.

  • environmental situation today leaves much to be desired.It's no secret that in recent years it is getting worse, which adversely affects the person, draining it physically and mentally.
  • Food - one of the main factors that affects the state of our immune system, in fact, probably, everyone is familiar statement: "We are what we eat."
  • stress and overload, that person experiences on a daily basis, have a negative impact on his health.
  • Antibiotics also undermine our immune system.Because these drugs with disease-causing bacteria and destroy healthy microflora, especially suffer from this intestine.

What vitamins are needed to improve the body immunity

to the body in the event of illness could easily cope with it, you must constantly strengthen the immune system.Help improve its vitamins.The most significant of these are:

  • Vitamin C .It affects the rate of formation of antibodies in the human body, which are needed to combat colds and infections.In a lot of it is contained in apples, citrus fruits, cabbage, garlic, wild rose and currants.
  • Vitamin A .Very important for the immune system, since it increases the number of leukocytes in the blood, due to which the body forms a strong defense against pathogenic bacteria.That's a lot of substance in carrots, spinach and persimmon.
  • Elements Group B - very important vitamins for immunity, because they provide the body with energy.In addition, they help to resist the penetration of harmful bacteria in our bodies.They contain in products such as liver, eggs, green peas, fish, buckwheat and nuts.
  • Vitamin E (tocopherol) .It contributes to the development of specific antibodies.They prevent cellular damage, and ingestion of viruses and microbes.It is found in vegetable oils, butter, and milk, as well as walnuts.

Measures to strengthen immunity

Anyone who cares about their health asks than to strengthen the body's resistance?Of course, vitamins to boost immunity is very important, as they increase the protective functions of the body, but what other measures can be taken?You must monitor their diet, exercise, more walk in the fresh air.Good effect on the immune system has a Russian sauna, as with sweat from the body goes heavy metals, breakdown products of metabolism, toxins and pathogens.Just one visit per week.Also, residents of urban slums will be useful contrast shower in the morning.But bad habits can cause significant harm to human health.After all, alcohol, nicotine and caffeine are able to deduce the vitamins from the body.If this article, you have not found the answer to the question than strengthen the immune system, contact the person who exactly will provide useful advice.