Tree leaves in summer and autumn

No matter how well it was summer, but there comes a time when around us becomes crimson foliage and nature slowly, majestically beautiful and preparing for winter recreation.From early spring and until then we are seeing the kidneys appear and are formed mainly trees of green, which in each period of its development, have a slightly different shade.

Why is this difference tones, and what happens to the green color in the autumn?

In summer, the trees are growing, increasing their root system, expanding the crown.They are new branches, but in order to have enough vitality, they appear the leaves - the powerful optical devices or even factories, which are aimed at the reception and retention, and then transfer the whole plant of light energy.The leaves of trees have many other important functions, one of them - the breath, and the other - the power.

By combining these functions here is a continuous biochemical processes of the battery sunlight - chlorophyll, a collector of the hydrocarbon, carbon dioxide and manufacturer of free oxygen - xanthophyll, produces a lot of carotene - a vitamin which has an orange tint, and a lot of differentvitamins, including very red anthocyanins.The presence of such a rich composition, in fact, is a natural pharmacy, prized by traditional healers using tree leaves to treat diseases in humans.

However, the chlorophyll in early summer prevails, it so much that the presence of other elements to the naked eye coloring is almost not noticeable.The word "almost" means that each of us sees a different sheet of wood has different shades.Hue is the visible part of the spectrum formed by other elements that change the color of an emerald, typical of pure chlorophyll in one that is inherent in plant species.

Young greens contain less tannin and other coloring vitamins, so it is more tender and bright.Over time, a leaflet produced and accumulated many substances, including metals and minerals.They also change color, making the greens more fully saturated with specific and specific to the mind distinctive features.

Towards autumn sun begins to reduce its activity.It sends to the earth every day less and less energy.Naturally, for its receiving and processing the leaves of the trees did not need such an excessive amount of chlorophyll, so its content begins to decline, while the production of other vitamins and minerals that feed the plant continues.Therefore, the appearance of the first yellowish, reddish harbingers of autumn until the foliage is withering away, and serves only as a transition to a new functional state.

In the last warm days of the year all of nature painting the very bright and incredibly beautiful leaves of the trees, well-picture display its majestic purple, indicating the preparation for the long winter rest.Man is a positive state of any of the surrounding flora.We tend to love and enjoy all of the beauty.