How to buy the perfect engagement ring: tips

engagement ring - one of the most important treasures in life couples in countries and cultures where follow this tradition.And this ring is important both for the one to whom it is presented, and for the one who does it - because like decoration becomes the embodiment of deep feelings and serious intentions.

Choosing and buying engagement ring - is not easy, requires consideration of many factors, from personal tastes - up prices and cut stones.Here are some useful tips that can facilitate you the process and help to find your perfect right "half" ring.

So what to consider when choosing and buying engagement ring :

1. Price.

the West, where particularly strong tradition of giving rings for engagement, it is believed that the standard value of this jewelry - 2-3 monthly salaries groom.However, we must take into account your budget and not afford to fail on the eve of the wedding.In a crisis, it is possible to find the perfect ring, worth no more than your monthly salary.The rest of the money is better to save at the wedding celebration and the "honeymoon".

2. Style.

Difficult choice of a suitable style for engagement ring can facilitate simple observation.Look to your "half", examine its jewelry - she wears, what styles do you prefer?She is leaning more towards the traditional classics, loves you more contemporary creative experiments or even prefers vintage?

3. A cut stone.

Another very important aspect of the selection ring - which form the cut gemstone is more suitable and pleasant future bride?This important issue is necessary not only to study the tastes of "half", but also to consult with professional jewelers for cut shapes there are so many.However, and advice to the families and friends can also help.It should be remembered that the cut stone should be in harmony with the style of the ring.

4. Frame ring.

last important characteristic of engagement jewelry - design, colors and material of its frame.Here, too, you can not do without studying the tastes of the bride and without professional advice, as the frame should be combined with the style of decorations, with a stone or stones, with their cut, and, of course, with the shape of the female fingers.Thus, long and thin fingers are too wide or massive frame will look awful, and plump or fat fingers thin bezel ring may even be lost.

If we talk about the materials for the frame, the noble white gold or platinum are suitable for almost any gem, but if your "half" want something more catchy and brilliant, warm, then pay attention to the pink or yellow gold.

5. Purchase.

Contrary to what we see in Hollywood movies, it is best to buy an engagement ring together, then the risk to get something wrong reduced.In the 21st century, and it is not shameful to arrange a romantic surprise to bring the girl to a jewelry store and allow it to also participate in the selection so important for her jewelry.In a pinch, you can find a way to buy exactly what the bride wants - ask friends of the bride carefully to find her "ideal", for example, as the Board of anyone.

6. Where buy.

Remember that the ideal engagement ring - it's not a famous brand, not kolichetvo carats and fabulous price, and best suited to your sweetheart jewelery, corresponding to its tastes and allowing its beauty to shine with new colors.And, of course, a gift from her loved one.Therefore purchased or made to order from lesser-known artists of the ring can be no worse, and even better than many "brand" of options - in addition, they are unique and unrepeatable, like your feelings for each other.