Germany attacked the USSR

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World redrew the map of the world, its value is not underestimated, even the most hardened skeptics.The main part of the war - World War II - is also causing serious concern among many people in the modern world.Around the causes of the war, its progress and results wanders a lot of rumors that are often insulting to the people of our country, whose ancestors were left on the battlefields.

To this day come thousands of publications on top of this confrontation.The main event on the eve of the war - is, of course, the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.After that I have been issued a treaty of friendship.Concerned about the military successes of the Wehrmacht, the Soviet leadership took the initiative on this issue by writing a phrase in the text of the treaty on good-neighborliness.

next stage of the pre-war relations between Russia and Germany is characterized by mutual cooling.Hitler at that time already got everything he wanted.Now, with contracts with Russia has ceased to be profitable for him, and he began to act contrary to the agreements.Soon came the development of the plan "Barbarossa", and the German government finally lost interest in cooperation.The Soviet government, meanwhile, should have accepted the terms of contracts.

relations between the Soviet Russia and Germany constituted a disregard for international law and collusion were dictators.

At the beginning of World War II against Germany and the Soviet Union developed in accordance with the non-aggression pact.But in the spring it began a sharp cooling.At this time, it was reported military buildup of the Wehrmacht at the borders of the Soviet Union.I was sent an official request to which Hitler replied that his army is in these areas of military exercises.

When France fell, Stalin understood that Germany is no longer interested in the neutrality of the Soviet Union.Soon it received an offer from Churchill to improve relations.At the same time, Germany has concluded "tripartite agreement" with Italy and Japan.

In October 1940, Finland host the fascist troops that could carry out an attack on the USSR, Germany.

Another aggravation happened at the end of 1940.In Poland, Prussia, and increased the number of Nazi troops.In response, Stalin stopped the supply of goods to Germany.Troops were partially alerted to prevent Germany attacked the USSR, Hitler had assured Stalin that the troops are concentrated not in the direction of the Union, that the non-aggression pact remains in force.But the situation grew tense, although the Soviet government until recently did not believe in the possibility of treacherous attacks, and even being warned not to take active measures to organize the defense.

22.06.1941.It took Germany's attack on the Soviet Union.

Preparations for the attack was a rapid pace throughout the year.Hitler was determined to destroy the vitality of the Soviet people.By the end of December a plan of war with the Soviet Union was approved.Germany's attack on the Soviet Union was a matter of time.

The defense of the Soviet Union was at a sufficient level for continuous imperialist danger.But new weapons by summer '41 has not yet arrived in the Soviet Union, the level of management training is poor, tangled relations with Germany allowed German officers to control the borders.

It should be noted that the attack of Nazi Germany on the Soviet Union was not expected.Although such a possibility and were worked in the offices of the Kremlin, the Soviet leaders were not aware of the exact date of the attack.Soviet intelligence was engaged in checking dozens of the most important questions, the answers to which would prevent the attack of Nazi Germany on the Soviet Union.Together, all these factors have led to the failure of the Soviet Union to respond adequately to hit Germany, which was particularly noticeable at first.Hitler wanted to take full advantage of surprise, and it is perfectly possible.His plan was worked out in detail, down to the smallest detail.The leadership of the Soviet Union did not have such an advantage.

commonly recognized causes of the German attack on the Soviet Union known.Although the situation seems obvious, but the documents and the evidence suggests that this story - an example of political guile, coupled with the dictatorship.